15 Best Scaleway Alternatives and Competitors 2023

If you’re in search of Scaleway alternatives for some reason, keep reading, and you will surely be able to find a suitable cloud service for your needs.

Whether your concern is related to client support or account suspension, we’ve put together some famous names in the cloud industry.

All reviewed alternatives for Scaleway in this list are thoroughly scrutinized with respect to features, user-friendliness, network uptime, use of modern technologies, security measures, updates, and prices.

What is Scaleway?

Scaleway is a European-based cloud hosting solutions provider offering a broad range of products, including public cloud, private cloud infrastructure, dedicated cloud services through Dedibox, GPU instances, and add-ons.

Started its journey in 2015, currently managing more than 130k physical servers across the world. They have 5 data centers located in France and Netherlands, 250+ talents, deployed 150k+ virtual instances to date, and handling clients from 160 countries. All machines are linked with 26 network carriers and designed on N+1, 2N model to ensure full redundancy.

One more amazing thing about Scaleway is that it was the world’s first cloud IaaS computing platform empowered by ARM BareMetal servers with solid state drives. They also made history by offering full BareMetal servers as the first company in 2016.

The host overgrew in a very short amount of time and now, in under five years, they have more than 60% of clients from 160 origins on board. However, there are some reasons why someone would look for alternatives to Scaleway services; it could be anything.

Why Scaleway Alternatives?

We researched and invested a reasonable time to find the primary reasons that force users to leave Scaleway. The very first thing we noticed is the customer support which is quite inferior, lazy, and unable to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

It takes a lot of time to resolve an issue and sometimes doesn’t get fixed – according to many users on TrustPilot (a real user reviews site). Our findings show that they need a major change regarding their customer support approach. And that’s the biggest hurdle their customers face. Look at the below images:

Secondly, you should keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements regularly. A few clients complain about money deduction even though they haven’t purchased anything but added card details. This is something really annoying. Their billing system needs an upgrade to avoid such problems.

You might face downtime but rarely. However, Scaleway utilizes the best technologies and hardware, but who knows which part of the server is going to crash and when? In that scenario, you’ll lose control over your server as well as hosted data.

Furthermore, having data centers in just two locations is another primary concern that urges users to look for other cloud services than Scaleway. They have servers located in France and Netherlands, both totaling 5 facilities in two locations. When going with a cloud provider, having data center coverage in as many regions as possible is always a plus point. It enhances user experience as well as performance because you can host your data to the nearest location of your visitors.

In a nutshell:

  • Unprofessional customer support
  • A few data center spots (only 2)
  • Out-dated billing system
  • Unauthorized bill deduction
  • Downtimes – below 99.95% uptime
  • Losing control of the server
  • DNS errors

15 Top Scaleway Alternatives and Competitors 2023

1. Kamatera

Price: Starting from $4/month

Kamatera cloud vps


With a dedicated team of professionals, you can totally rely on the optimization of the back-end processes that go into cloud hosting and continue scaling for decent accomplishments over the front.

Key Features

  • 18 Server locations in 4 continents
  • Instant deployment under 60 secs
  • Try free for one month
  • Pre-made and custom plans
  • All SSD-backed servers
  • 99.95% service availability

One of the most significant and technologically advanced cloud hosting companies recommended for start-up businesses or anyone looking for high-end computing. Kamatera can replace almost every product Scaleway offers to fulfill every customer’s needs.

Many start-up businesses look forward to having a sustainable and cost-effective cloud service that can help them run projects smoothly. If you happen to be one of those, then you need to look no further than the amazing infrastructure and fastest cloud computing offered by Kamatera.

There is something for everyone from this Scaleway alternative; the company is inclined to provide individualized cloud servers to its users. No matter the scale or nature of your problem, Kamatera can help you out effectively and professionally. Their services range from specific to extendable reach, including general clouds, private cloud networks, cloud firewalls, load balancers, and block storage.

Every service marked above is highly pocket friendly, can be customized according to your needs, and offers speed, integrity, and reliability for round-the-clock computing. You can build up as many servers as you require to balance the load off of your main domain/website/app. Or if you happen to be a security firm, then private cloud networks would add another layer of safety to your delicate data infrastructure.

It doesn’t end right here; this alternative to Scaleway guarantees uninterrupted protection and ensures the safety of online systems with cloud firewalls that will filter, scan, and interpret every request being channeled through the hosted servers. It would also provide end-to-end encryption and safety from unethical penetration into the systems wherever necessary.

On top of that, where Scaleway has only 2 data centers, Kamatera has 18 data center locations on 4 continents. All facilities are built with the latest Intel processors, SSDs, high speed network connectivity, and flexible scalability as per users’ needs.


  • Easy setup with added safety features for all servers
  • 18 Datacenter spots worldwide
  • More than 100 operating system options with the ability to install custom OS too
  • Offers cloud block storage for extending your current storage options
  • Dedicated management and maintenance of your digital assets
  • 24/7 customer service with instant maintenance and repair
  • Providing users with speed, reliability, and stability
  • Unlimited scalability with a few clicks
  • The Control panel is super easy to utilize
  • Pre-made and custom plans are available to choose from
  • Free trial account for 30 days


  • Technical support might get delayed depending on the influx of maintenance or repair requests

2. Vultr – Cheap Scaleway Alternative

Price: Starting from $2.50/month

Vultr Cloud Instances


The cheapest Scaleway alternative solution for developers and webmasters, offering 32 global data centers for hosting your content near the audience. Vultr provides a variety of operating systems and CMS platforms that can be deployed through a user friendly control panel.

Key Features

  • Support all major OS
  • 32 data centers worldwide
  • State-of-the-art cloud architecture
  • High uptime guarantee
  • Modern SSDs for high speed loading

Our runner-up Scaleway competitor, which is also the most affordable cloud host, is Vultr, a well known brand to avail cloud compute servers, Bare Metal machines for intensive processing, block storage for massive data storing, and dedicated cloud instances. It offers cloud computing for high-frequency and general-purpose tasks with one hundred percent solid state drives and Intel processors.

Compared to Scaleway plans, Vultr is cheaper but you have to compromise on server specifications. The very basic SSD Cloud Instance costs $2.50 per month with Vultr, which includes 10GB space, 1 CPU, 0.5GB Ram, and half TB bandwidth. While Scaleway’s basic package comes at €4.99/month with 2 CPU Cores, 2GB of Ram, 20GB space, and IPv4. There is no bandwidth restriction as well.

In a nutshell, there is a significant price difference between both providers. However, Vultr can help you save some money by customizing your instance according to project nature. What gives Vultr an edge over Scaleway is the availability of 32 data centers, whereas the competition has only 2 locations in Paris and Amsterdam.

With the coverage of 4 continents and 32 server spots around the world, developers/users can deploy a cloud virtual machine near their audience – for better speed. The entire cloud platform is DDoS protected, provides security with web-based firewalls to block spam, supports IPv6 and IPv4, and offers flexible networking. Setting up Snapshots and automatic backups are dead simple to implement.

It takes only a few seconds to launch a cloud server packed with the desired configuration through an elegant control panel. You can install from many Linux distros such as CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Fedora, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, custom ISO, and Windows OS. Furthermore, installing WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Joomla also takes a few clicks. Some more apps are Docker, GitLab, Minecraft, Jitsi, LAMP, and MediaWiki.

For eCommerce users, Prestashop and Magento are also available to create online stores. If you’re going to host multiple sites at one server, popular control panels like cPanel and Plesk can be deployed too. Vultr provides everything for developers, programmers, webmasters, and bloggers at affordable prices, so you must give them a try.


  • 32 Datacenters worldwide in 4 continents
  • DDoS protection with web firewall
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Transparent pricing, no lengthy contracts
  • Automatic backups/snapshots
  • Compatible with popular applications and operating systems


  • No live chat support

3. InMotion Hosting

Price: Starting from $5/month

InMotionHosting Cloud VPS SSD


Giving full control to your Linux VPS instances through SSH and command-line access. InMotion’s servers are highly suitable for individual developers, teams, system admins, machine learning tasks, and AI workloads.

Key Features

  • Affordable cloud for startups and bloggers
  • Best for Linux OS distributions
  • Top-of-the-line hardware
  • All SSD cloud VPS

Do you prefer the finest of everything? Looking to increase the uptime, have more security for you and your clients over the internet, and most of all, in need of speedy services? Then you have come to the right stop, all of this and more is waiting for you over InmotionHosting cloud VPS.

InMotion is a non-eig hosting provider and one of the few web hosts in the web hosting sphere for a very long time, founded in 2001 – operating as a private company. They serve different kinds of web hosting solutions, which include shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud VPS. One can also opt for private cloud services as well for highly demanding tasks.

It doesn’t matter what is the nature of your doing, even if it is an app, an e-commerce or personal blog, or business-oriented applications, you’ll be served through enterprise-class hardware facilities. This scaleway competitor utilizes SSD storage drives, so you get 20X more speed compared to other hosts and deliver incredibly fast responses from every request that is put up with your server.

For WordPress or PHP sites, you can handle 10X more traffic than you were doing ever before; all of your hosted data will load faster, served with incredible uptime, and ensure a better user experience. You get fascinating options in terms of running the technology that you desire, such as Linux distros, WordPress, Magento, Java, Ruby, and Django.

As far as the safety of all your content over the cloud hosting is concerned, InmotionHosting has multiple measures in place for a secure, DDoS protection, and hackproof cloud experience. The very first cloud VPS “cVPS-1” packs the power of 1GB Ram, 1 Intel CPU, 25GB SSD, and 1 Terabyte of bandwidth at the cost of $5/month.


  • Availability of resource monitoring dashboard in terms of an integrated control panel
  • High availability with 99.9% uptime
  • e-commerce optimized cloud hosting station
  • Unlimited access to Virtual Private Server
  • Handle 10X more traffic at no extra charge


  • No support for Windows OS
  • Quite expensive on some fronts
  • Only support Linux OS
  • Chat assistance is a bit slower
  • Don’t allow server customization, only pre-made plans

4. TurnkeyInternet

Price: Starting from $4.99/month



Get cloud SSD VPS at cheaper rates (Virtual Private Servers) with Turnkeyinternet, capable of handling various OS. Suitable for WordPress websites, Windows, Linux, cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, and multiple types of databases.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all major OSes
  • Deploy 100s of apps with 1-click
  • Business-class hardware
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • SSD storage devices for fast IOPS
  • 4 Locations worldwide

5. InterServer

Price: Starting from $6/month for Linux | $10/month for Windows OS

InterServer Cloud Virtual Private Servers


Get cloud SSD VPS at cheaper rates (Virtual Private Servers) with InterServer, capable of handling various OS. Suitable for WordPress websites, Windows, Linux, cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin, and multiple types of databases on clouds.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all major OSes
  • Deploy 100s of apps with 1-click
  • Business-class hardware
  • 99.9% uptime SAL
  • SSD storage devices for fast IOPS
  • 4 Locations worldwide

If you happen to be among the beginners who need everything sorted and want nothing with the complexities of installing your web interface over a cloud server VPS, Interserver is a fine choice. Unlike Scaleway, they offer everything of your machine customizable. You can add/remove the number of CPUs, Memory, Storage, and network bandwidth according to project needs. Construct a virtual private server with customizable configurations or construct a few hundred if you have too much on the plate.

Interserver offers 20X faster SSD storage for the accommodation of your data and ample access to it at all times; you won’t experience downtime due to highly efficient and technologically ambient infrastructure. Even if the static load over your site/app is likely to increase, you would have access to all the strings attached to a WEBUZO control panel to control every ounce of traffic or processing.

With such an integrated control panel, you can deploy 100’s of apps and control every section of your cloud VPS. All these web applications are designed to work together to render a more harmonious experience for the user. Moreover, you can deploy a database with MySQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB.

Furthermore, they have distributed data centers geographically all around the world to ensure the most exquisite experience hence meeting your needs regarding uptime, speed, and service availability.

A Linux cloud package starts from $6/month, whereas the Windows package costs $10; both come with the latest versions to install. The entry Linux server packs 1 CPU Core, 2GB Ram, 30GB SSD, and 1TB monthly bandwidth same is true for the Windows plan, but it can handle 2TB bandwidth.

Compared to Scaleway, they also have various data centers in Los Angeles and Secaucus. Plus, 24/7/365 live chat support is in place, along with email and phone calls. That means you can contact the support agents anytime when need assistance.


  • 4 Datacenters located in the United States
  • Up to 99.9% uptime SLA
  • 10Gbps mesh of network connections
  • No bottlenecks during traffic spikes
  • Twenty times faster SATA SSDs
  • 100+ apps to deploy with a 1-click script
  • Data redundancy with Raid-10 model
  • Managed support for 4+ slices
  • Can support multiple database types with the instant installation using the Linux packages
  • Add slices (more hardware) to tackle the increased computing needs
  • Easy scalability for more processing power


  • The support team can be improved by hiring experienced employees
  • Support tickets are way slow to get help and unable to fix problems sometimes
  • Performance discrepancy

6. Hostinger

Price: Starting from $9.99/month



With a dedicated team of professionals, you can totally rely on the optimization of the back-end processes that go into cloud hosting and continue scaling for decent accomplishments over the front.

Key Features

  • Host unlimited sites
  • 4x speed boost
  • Free domain and SSL
  • No bandwidth limits
  • All SSD backed servers
  • Free dedicated IP

Aside from cloud computing products, Hostinger also serves a wide array of solutions such as shared web hosting, email storage, managed WordPress hosting, Linux, Windows and Storage VPS, Minecraft servers, domain registration, and site builder tools.

As we are talking about Scaleway, which is a cloud platform, so we will only review Hostinger’s cloud products. Whether you need a cloud server for Windows or Linux operating systems, they offer cloud vps for both OSes. Hostinger truly delivers what is advertised, a hundred percent resource allocation, robust isolation, and the best money-value products.

In comparison with Scaleway data centers which are located in only two regions, Hostinger has servers in 7 locations. You can host your data in the US, UK, Lithuania, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, and Indonesia for fast data rendering. A variety of data center spots also ensures a 99.9% up-time. All of this cannot be obtained alone, thanks to their team of dedicated professionals and technicians working day & night to avoid downtime/technical errors.

We recommend Hostinger for webmasters willing to set up their website on a cloud environment for ideal uptime and optimum speed. The “Cloud Startup” package yields 3GB of Ram, 2 Cores of CPU, 100GB SSD space, and free SSL at the price of $7.99 per month. It also includes free domain registration. The amazing thing is you’re allowed to host unlimited domains with unmetered bandwidth. To be honest, it’s a cheap alternative to Scaleway cloud services for websites because each plan is bundled with redundant resources.

As modern websites get trendier and design-conscious, there is a lot of lag time and decreased page loading, accompanying more hidden problems. These flaws are likely to surface due to low-end and incompatible servers or hosting technologies. But with the help of blazing-fast, highly cached, and optimally designed processors, you will not be experiencing any of with Hostinger.

This Scaleway competitor host goes one step beyond by providing its users with a decent and intuitive control panel that is compatible with a variety of consoles, thus eradicating the obligation of using the default console. With automated daily backups, you won’t have to worry about data loss or missing databases ever. With the help of instant activation, your new site will be up and running in no time.


  • High resources compared to its rivals
  • Free SSL certificates, domain, IP address
  • Dedicated resources isolation
  • Free CloudFlare CDN for all
  • Advanced cache mechanisms like LiteSpeed, WP Acceleration
  • Integrated caching for ultra-speed for every task
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 1-Click app installer
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Well designed custom control panel
  • 24/7 customer care service for any kind of troubleshooting
  • High-end services are backed by Google Cloud


  • We are currently hosting some of our sites on Hostinger and so far didn’t find any problem
  • Too good to be true (however, we are satisfied so far)

7. DreamHost

Price: Starting from $4.50/month

DreamHost Cloud Servers


Providing users with lightning-fast cloud-based computing and helping them propel mega chunks of data for processing and interpretation in real-time. DreamHost’s cloud platform is compatible with Linux, Windows, Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, Python, Ruby, and BSD.

Key Features

  • Full root access
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Offer Windows OS on unmanaged cloud servers
  • Remote access via API
  • Solid state drives storage

DreamHost is another cloud hosting server just like Scaleway that emphasizes on customized computing options for the users that best complement their needs. Instead of maneuvering pre-orbited plans, you get a fair chance to customize the one for yourself and only pay for the features you are inclined to use.

One of the most amazing perks of signing up with DreamHost is the blazing fast speed that you won’t get anywhere, along with cost-effective and customizable cloud plans for your start-up. They have some of the best and technically stable infrastructure, processors and SSD disks that make the execution for a specific process or request child’s play.

Their cloud servers render full root access and control to all the queries that are being processed through the system. Plus, the platform yields fast processing speed and compatibility with various operating systems, including BSD, Windows, and Linux.

As far as the load balancing is concerned, you get full flexibility from the DreamHost for it; you can automatically change the server with simple command-line tools and common programming libraries. There are several reasons you must come around for altering the server, such as increased incoming traffic, delay in process execution, or poor overall performance of the server in handling requests.

It is sophisticatedly designed to backup the WordPress sites; all your crucial data will be backed up in real-time using the DreamObjects connection plugin. All code is open source, and when the time comes, they will even help you migrate over your private cloud.

Furthermore, all cloud machines come with 100GB of free block storage which can be utilized for multiple purposes hence decreasing costs. DreamHost’s powerful API lets you remotely create, destroy, modify, and access servers from anywhere across the globe.


  • A good option for start-ups to save money
  • Multiple channels for customer support
  • Recommended for WordPress websites
  • Unmanaged cloud instances allow Windows OS installation
  • Developer tools, API, and OpenStack compatibility
  • Free data transfer
  • Perfect for web development, apps, and sites
  • Full root and complete control over your instance
  • Blazing fast speed via SSD storage
  • Suitable for databases and programming languages


  • Customer support is complicated, especially for live chat
  • Support through call costs money
  • You should have advanced technical knowledge to handle unmanaged server

8. DigitalOcean – Best Scaleway Alternative for DevOps

Price: Starting from $5/month

DigitalOcean VMs Droplet


Running a multitude of technology-based applications and web hosting for your clients can not get any better with other than Digitalocean, allowing you to create teams, deploy droplets instantly, upgrade/downgrade in seconds, and more…

Key Features

  • Real-time system alerts
  • Deploy your cloud instantly
  • 1-Click app installer
  • 13 Datacenters worldwide
  • Load balancers, Floating IPs

DigitalOcean is a complex cloud platform that renders its services to multiple clients, such as developers, programmers, startups, already in business web companies, or to those websites which offer outsourcing to their dynamic clients. It provides an optimized cloud configuration that saves your team a lot of effort for running smooth applications, hosted sites, and development ecosystems.

You also get to choose the right infrastructure that compliments your requirements along with various server modifications such as CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth volume. Customize everything according to your web-based business’ cluster size or the number of clients you have to attend to.

You can deploy a single server or even hundreds of them (virtually) that best suits your necessities. This way, you will only be paying for the resources you are using, instead of paying for pre-bundled servers that come with fixed configurations.

Similar to Scaleway, DigitalOcean is also suitable for tech-savvy users because it requires know-how about managing cloud servers on your own even though they assist when you face problems but not too much. For developers, Digital Ocean is a gold mine for developing apps, thanks to features like teams allowing you to add/remove team members with the right privileges.

The provider has 13 data centers across the globe, whereas Scaleway has only 2, giving DigitalOcean a major edge. When we talk about the prices, this Scaleway alternative charges a little more but is worth each penny you spend. Each droplet can be used to deploy Linux distributions (FreeBSD, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), RanchoerOS, and WordPress. Apart from distros, users can also install Docker, OpenVPN, and LAMP for backup purposes.

When it comes to security and maintenance, they will not leave you hanging in the middle. The entire platform is shielded with the latest security compliances, cloud firewalls, and private networking. Their customer support would help you to overcome any maintenance based obstacles but to some extent.


  • Pocket-friendly droplet prices
  • The intuitive control panel is dead simple to use
  • Everything in the control panel is well organized
  • Support Kubernetes hosting cluster
  • A huge marketplace bundled with 160+ apps
  • Dev tools, API, load balancers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Predictable pricing structure
  • Choose your data center geographically
  • Different compute types like Standard, General Purpose, CPU Optimized, Memory Optimized cloud
  • Scale up or scale down as per your demand


  • Clocking and processing issues might surface due to the virtual nature of the platform
  • Availability of a single integrated console for controlling responses to the virtual cloud
  • Only compatible with a handful of operating systems
  • No support for Windows operating system
  • No live chat

9. CloudWays

Price: Starting from $10/month



Performance-oriented yet managed cloud hosting alternative for Scaleway that takes all the technical complexities away from you and provides flexibility & imminent start-up without associated issues.

Key Features

  • Full SSH/SFTP access
  • No restrictions on apps
  • Free SSL/Migration/Backups
  • Up to 60 data centers
  • Staging feature for WP
  • All SSDs backed servers

If you are in search of flexible and comprehensible pricing for fully managed cloud servers providing ultimate scalability, then Cloudways, without any doubt, should be your top priority. It is highly recommended for start-up businesses and WordPress websites, as there is a great deal of fuss that surrounds a start-up, technical difficulties, and limited knowledge of the systems. If you want to outrun everything mentioned here, then you need to shift your complete web interface on Cloudways servers.

They optimize and utilize third party cloud platforms such as AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode, etc. to deliver automatic provisioning and quick deployment of your cloud machine in a few clicks.

Cloudways maintenance team manages everything for you regarding technical issues, security measures, software updates, and security patches to let users focus on their businesses. As mentioned before, they collaborate with multiple cloud providers, so get choices to choose from up to 60 global data centers.

One of the most significant benefits when working with Cloudways is the availability of dozens of data center locations. From a single place (Cloudways), you can launch your instance on any continent, depending on your audience’s geographical location.

Regardless of the cloud infrastructure you pick, all of them offer SSD storage, redundant resources scalability, transparent billing, and backups. Furthermore, CloudwaysCDN is another plus to achieve the fastest response times as well as speedy performance.

Besides the CDN network, each plan comes with advanced cache levels, various PHP 7.x versions, built-in cache for WordPress and Magento, dedicated environment, and auto-headling features to ensure seamless reliability. You can work with unlimited applications on Cloudways servers and those apps which support PHP syntax. If you happen to be on WordPress or doing e-commerce business through WooCommerce, then Cloudways is a perfect partner for you.

On the bright side, you also get 24/7 customer support to help you through any technical difficulties. All your data is fully secured and backed up without any say-so on secured servers. When you feel like you are ready to take control, Cloudways will help you transform everything over your cloud server. You should give this Scaleway alternative at least a TRY as they also offer a free trial account.


  • Quick launch of cloud server through 60+ worldwide regions
  • Free SSL certificates and migration
  • CloudwaysCDN (add-on product)
  • Allow unlimited apps
  • Auto healing enhance uptime/resources
  • Support HTTP/2 protocol
  • Full SFTP and SSH access
  • Dedicated security firewalls
  • Expert 24/7 customer service agents
  • Compatible with PHP and other syntax supporting apps
  • Incredibly optimized for WordPress


  • No custom plans
  • Limited OS support
  • Limited production environments
  • Expensive compared to Scaleway pricing

10. HostWinds

Price: Starting from $0.006931/hr



Do you want hourly billed hosting? If so, HostWinds has your back; it can accommodate you with radically advanced and fully optimized servers for faster loading, over-the-clock support experts, SSH access, custom templates, pay-as-you-go, pre-made applications, and instant stability.

Key Features

  • Pay for what you use
  • Fully managed customer team
  • Only Solid state drives space
  • Enterprise level firewall
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Multiple data center locations

In the history of cloud web hosting, many companies charge a fixed fee or offer pre-made plans bundled with unuseful resources like extra Ram, CPU, etc. This approach results in higher costs.

Nowadays, some leading brands like HostWinds serve their customers with hourly based billing which helps users save money in the long run. It provides hourly based cloud plans and convenient billing from the get-go, you won’t be charged for any resources that you didn’t get your hands on.

Because all the servers are virtual in nature, means you can come up with only one or up to ten depending on the nature or potential of computing that you sought after.

An elegant console panel makes it easy to utilize your cloud machine for a maximum outcome. It features DNS settings, firewalls management, block storage, IPv4 and IPv6 management. Right from the control panel, users can also take snapshots of their projects, create object containers, and make use of robust API for automated executions.

With the help of SSD drives, you can potentially increase the read/write speed, allowing your server to tackle several processes over a given time easily. This results in improved performance, the ability to handle more visitors simultaneously, better experience, thus happy returning visitors.

In comparison with Scaleway, HostWinds has 3 data centers giving a minor edge over the competition, where two are located in the USA and one in the Netherlands. All of them are capable of 100% SLA uptime, built with SAS Type II, and tier 4 redundancy. You can install any popular operating system or deploy a custom template for unbeatable performance.

What makes HostWinds a top Hostwinds alternative is the availability of instant live chat support. Or you can contact their support gurus through phone or support tickets. Furthermore, if your digital properties are currently hosted on another host, they will migrate free, just send them a request.


  • Cheaper cloud servers
  • Fine-tuned for ultimate processing speed
  • Anytime support agents via chat, call, and tickets
  • Faster data I/O with SSDs
  • Yields unmatched customization and scalability
  • Allow cloning for quick server launching
  • Pay for what you use (hourly through triennially)
  • Setup firewall protection to add an extra layer of security


  • Quite limited cloud products, no Bare Metal servers, GPU cloud, etc.
  • No Kubernetes container services
  • It doesn’t offer complete control, more like a user-based interface

11. ToggleBox

Price: Starting from $9/month



Fear no boundaries with the Togglebox cloud platform; you can enjoy a great experience, high service availability, free migration support, modern console panel, KVM virtualization, and admin-level assistance.

Key Features

  • SSL certificates compatibility
  • Virtual cloud server cloning
  • Advanced queueing techniques
  • KVM-backed cloud machines
  • SSD San storage for speedy IOPS

Running a startup business that focuses on computing or web-oriented services is often very difficult and without imminent support that shot over the scalability in the near future seems to be fading away. Not with Togglebox services, it yields quick scaling and instant deployment through automatic provisioning.

The provider maintains an enterprise-class infrastructure powered by solid state drives, KVM technology, next-generation hardware, and advanced queueing. You get to work with a top-notch infrastructure in terms of speed, execution, and stability that will truly amaze you.

Besides that, the output of your virtual cloud machines can be further intensified by implementing load balancers. For solid uptime and service accessibility during traffic spikes, Togglebox even allows assigning two load balancers for a single instance.

A well-designed control panel (custom) makes it easy to analyze your projects, websites, apps, and other useful stats. It allows dead-simple usability, on-the-go scalability, and management of every aspect of your cloud. Evey specs of your cloud VM can be customized, whether RAM, disk space, CPU Cores, or a number of IP addresses. That said, if you are running a memory-intensive task, you can increase the RAM only.

All the resources can be selected based on your very needs, and the price package will change accordingly, thus providing you with a grip over your expenses for the services rendered. Regarding operating systems availability, you can choose from a wide array of OS options such as Windows 2012, Windows 2016, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Arch Linux, CloudLinux, RHEL, and SME Server.

Whether you’re a Windows OS user or Linux developer, ToggleBox covers you; all leading distributions are available. There are no practical restrictions in place from this Scaleway alternative. From the customer support front, they assist via chat, phone calls, and support tickets. You can also utilize their knowledgebase section to find answers to your questions.

ToggleBox cloud platform is compatible with cPanel/WHM too, a web hosting industry’s traditional panel for shared servers. Some other services and features are SSL certificates, domain registration, Web Accelerator CDN, Ransomware protection, Disaster recovery, and private clouds. They have two data centers in Dallas and Philadelphia; both are DDoS protected, paired with Tier 1 network connections, and provide smart routing.

With a base price of $9 per month, you get 1GB of RAM, 1 CPU Core, 20GB SSD space, 1 IP address, and 10TB bandwidth. It also includes 20GB of free storage for backups. For more intense data processing, users can set up a VM with 16GB of RAM, 8 CPU Cores, 500GB SSD, and 100TB bandwidth at $133.45/month.


  • Free Windows 2008 and 2012 templates
  • Free CDN and SSL certificates
  • 100% resource customizability
  • Quality-oriented cloud network
  • Free data migration support
  • Higher IOPS rate with SSDs
  • One week money-back guarantee
  • Select the right operating system that serves your potential demands
  • 24/7 support from different channels
  • Hourly/monthly billing system


  • Like Scaleway, only 2 data center locations
  • Charge fees for offline servers
  • Hourly billing costs $1 setup fee

12. A2Hosting

Price: Starting from $5/month

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting


Have you experienced a 300% faster-loading speed on any cloud hosting platform? If you didn’t, then you will definitely adore the blazing-fast processing experience via A2hosting.

Key Features

  • Full admin access
  • 10+ Operating system
  • SwiftServer hosting platform
  • Solid state drives storage

Every cloud platform provides the user with something different and yet exciting features to grasp on, but none of these features seems permanent and always changing around. This isn’t the case with A2hosting. As soon as you sign up over this incredible Scaleway alternative, you are bound to have 20x faster page loading time with solid state drives, quick execution of requests from the incoming traffic, and 99.9% up-time for your deliberate websites/apps.

Every private cloud VM features admin level root access, Webuzo one-click installer, various OS options, SSDs, and high-end processors, resulting in ultimate uptime and reliability throughout the whole year.

What makes A2Hosting an excellent alternative to Scaleway is the ability to customize every aspect of your server such as memory, disk, and transfer. You can design a perfect cloud server that meats all of your essentials by choosing processing RAM, CPU Cores, storage, and bandwidth. With that being said, you can select which resources you want to be added into the mix and only choose to pay for them instead of unintentionally paying for the features you won’t even be using.

Compared to the competitor host, you get 4 data centers to choose from (Michigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, and Singapore). The basic package comes with 20GB space, 1 vCPU, 512MB Ram, and 2TB data transfer. Plus, allowing users to install from up to 11 operating systems without paying a single dime. Deploying a cPanel cloud VPS is also possible at a further cost. For enhanced performance and page load time, Turbo Boost add-ons (LiteSpeed/LSCache) are also available.

Migration is simply more fluent and easy with A2hosting, you won’t have to bother about anything as the whole operation would be executed by professionals at the top of their game. The entire setup is designed to be automatic and falls successfully with just a few clicks of buttons over your end, Yes! It is just that simple.

Moreover, you can have your database migrated in any particular format due to maximum compatibility with tons of resource formats. While Scaleway lacks live chat for support purposes, A2Hosting does have live chat along with call and email.


  • Affordable cloud VPS with resource redundancy
  • Twenty times faster Turbo servers
  • Allow custom software deploying
  • Diverse OS choices
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Round the clock support agents
  • Full root access
  • Unlimited customizability
  • Modern security layers for foolproof protection


  • Ram should be 1GB for the basic plan
  • Limited server locations
  • Their security firewall blocks your IP sometimes
  • Limited customization in terms of packages rate

13. Linode

Price: Starting from $5/month

Akamai Linode


Lightning-fast SSD technology combined with the cutting-edge infrastructure ensures optimum data rendering for intensive tasks such as AI machine learning, gaming workloads, robust apps environment, and predictable monthly bills – in other words, it’s the cheapest alternative for Scaleway cloud.

Key Features

  • Redundant 40Gbps network
  • Multiple Linux distros/apps
  • Diverse products for all
  • Remote API gateway
  • Third party integration
  • Fully managed Kubernetes

If there is anything that you won’t be left behind on is the unbeatable data processing for your website/apps hosted with Linode. With the SSD based storage system and a 40 GBPS network bandwidth, the rendering of requests is done over a blazing fast rate, a little before the blink of an eye. You can regulate the incoming traffic to make sure that your visitors have a defining experience.

Linode isn’t just about scaling or launching your web systems into the cloud universe; it also provides you with efficient tools to help you along the way. Each cloud hosting server features API, CLI, one-click applications installer, and Linux distributions to assure that you have integrated control of your cloud.

Linode’s 1-click wizard lets you swiftly deploy WordPress, Drupal, Lamp, MERN, Gitlab, etc. It also supports Minecraft servers for gaming services and open source VPN “WireGuard”. With StackScripts, a number of applications, including Squid Proxy, LEMP, Shadowsocks, cPanel, and Minecraft environment, can be launched in a few mouse clicks.

A team of ingenious workers, technicians, and customer support agents strives to deliver beyond expectation uptime, resulting in a whopping 99.9% service availability. They have 11 data centers across the world, 800k+ customers, and operating independently since 2003. Datacenter locations are Fremont, Toronto, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Sydney, and Mumbai. The entire chain of servers is DDoS protected, costs nothing extra.

The accessibility of comprehensive guides and 24/7 customer support would be enough to guide you through every thick and thin of launching your tasks. It is not only simple and reliable but also extremely cost-effective with a bunch of resources waiting for you. Similar to Scaleway, Linode also doesn’t have live chat support, which is a big con. If you’re looking for a Windows cloud alternate for Scaleway, then Linode is not for you.

Unlike Scaleway, Linode has a much flexible and worthwhile approach to constructing the desired cloud server with the required specifications. While the competition only serves pre-made packages filled with excessive resources that you may not seek. Besides unmanaged cloud services, Linode provides fully managed solutions backed by features like free cPanel & WHM, free site migration, data backups, and uptime monitoring.


  • The entire platform is DDoS protected
  • Well-designed cloud manager panel
  • 1-click apps launching
  • Supports IPv6, API, CLI, and DNS settings
  • 11 Global locations
  • 24/7/365 Customer support
  • Different types of products to meet each user’s demands
  • SSD based storage with up to 40 GBPS network bandwidth
  • NodeBalancers for sudden loads


  • Limited support for concerning operating systems (Only supports Linux)
  • Lacks Windows OS
  • Cost increases drastically for large projects

14. HostGator

Price: Starting from $4.95/month

Hostgator homepage


Enjoy 2x faster cloud computing experience with an integrated cache mechanism and 4x server resources along with free domain registration. Plus, an intuitive stats panel to keep an eye on your machine’s health at cost-effective cloud hosting packages.

Key Features

  • Easy scalability
  • Premium hardware combined with multi-layer cache system
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt
  • A cheaper scaleway alternative for websites

When searching for the best cloud brands on the internet, you are likely to stumble across HostGator cloud hosting. It offers the most dynamic and cost-effective services there are, perfectly sound for start-ups and persistently scalable for already running websites, apps, and e-commerce services.

It is not like any other cloud service; HostGator has provided the users with ample access to some top-notch features. Some of them can be quite helpful in instantly setting up your site over lightening speed servers with superior hardware and multiple caching layers. Right from your account’s dashboard, you can also interact with active stats for your site through an interactive dashboard provided by the company to manage the diversified components.

You don’t need to hire a system admin to troubleshoot technical problems or regulate various settings. HostGator allows the user to self-interact with these problems as a system admin and detect and rectify the issues via resource management.

There is no need to worry about speed as every request or query is being handled by ultra-fast processors designed for optimum performance, thus providing faster loading, decent data processing, and automatic backing up around the clock. With unlimited storage and unidentifiable bandwidth, you can go live within no time and scale up your website without restrictions.


  • Provides auto-update and security
  • Intuitive dashboard for on-site resource management
  • Cheaper than most of the cloud competitors for WordPress sites
  • Automatic data mirroring
  • Different channels for support services
  • Best host for budget-conscious users
  • Auto server switching


  • Limited processor cache for low-budget hosting packages
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • No dedicated IP for startup plans

15. CloudCone

Price: Starting from $3.71/month



Providing users with lightning-fast cloud-based computing and helping them propel mega chunks of data for processing and interpretation in real-time. DreamHost’s cloud platform is compatible with Linux, Windows, Node.js, Redis, MongoDB, Python, Ruby, and BSD.

Key Features

  • Full root access
  • No bandwidth restrictions
  • Offer Windows OS on unmanaged cloud servers
  • Remote access via API
  • Solid state drives storage

Now, let us know below in the comments section which Scaleway alternative you’re going to choose.

  • Updated September 14, 2023