10 Cheap High RAM VPS Providers (2024)

Do you want your website or application to work smoothly without putting much of your effort, costs, and time? Well, all the website owners can totally relate!

For your website to work smoothly, you definitely need to choose the best virtual private server hosting. However, this is not it. If you run a website with high traffic, you need to have a high RAM VPS to make sure it works and stores essential data efficiently.

The VPS you select will use the available RAM each time a new process is started. As a website owner, you will need the high Ram virtual private servers to run most RAM-intensive applications such as K8s (Kubernetes hosting), web servers, databases, in-memory data processing applications, etc.

best cheap high ram vps

Various virtual private server providers will offer you high-performing hosting, all thanks to the massive memory resources they have in store with some fantastic features.

Selecting the best yet cheap high RAM VPS hosting out of so many options may get super overwhelming for you, and we can totally understand. Finding such platforms at an affordable price is quite a tricky job.

To ease that out for you, we have selected the ten best High RAM VPS options to get high storage to run your website and enjoy some exceptional and advanced features offered at affordable prices.

10 Cheap High RAM VPS Services for 2024

1. Kamatera – Best High RAM VPS Servers with 99.999% Uptime

Kamatera Cloud

Along with allowing you to deploy cloud infrastructure the moment you decide to, Kamatera also lets you create servers too in less than a minute. On this platform, you can easily create a customized server depending on your requirements rather than being stuck with the plans they offer. You are absolutely free to start with a small server and scale up or down anytime you need to.

The platform’s data centers are available all around the world, having around 18 data centers on four continents in total. This guarantees that you will always expect availability and excellent performance without any downtime from Kamatera.

It is one of the fastest clouds available in recent times, and it lets you run your server on the latest processors with around 300% more power on each CPU compared to the competitors. It is also a considerable option to get High RAM VPS servers as it provides you with up to 512GB RAM per server, and you can scale up anytime you require. The SSD storage available on this platform lets you allows you to run your databases and applications with zero latency and no I/O bottlenecks.

They have multiple pre-made plans in store for you and you can also create a custom VPS server as well. The very first package starts at $4/month and offers 1 vCPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 5TB internet traffic. The second package costs $6/month for 1 vCPU, 2048MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 5TB data transfer. The third plan starts at $12/month with 2 vCPUs, 2048MB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 5TB bandwidth.

You can also choose to have additional storage that may charge you around $0.05/GB per month. What makes this platform stand out is the 30-day free trial it offers for the users to check if they are satisfied with the services or not.

Key Features

  • Premium human support 24/7.
  • Simple management console and API.
  • Unlimited scale-up and scale-down.
  • 40 Gbit public and private networking.
  • Solid-state drive storage.
  • Fastest Intel Xeon Processors.
  • Guaranteed dedicated resources.
  • Deploying servers in seconds.
  • 30 Days FREE trial.

Visit Kamatera Here

2. Contabo – Cheapest High RAM VPS with NVMe Storage

Contabo VPS features

This platform provides you with the freedom to rapidly scale up your servers and enjoy more traffic, modern infrastructure, and NVMe storage. Available globally in around six regions and nine locations, you can get to have excellent uptime when you use Contabo as your VPS server.

They have approximately twenty or more years of experience, so you can sit back, relax and not worry about anything since they know what hardware guarantees stable and long-lasting performance. Additionally, they use reliable and stable technology for proper orchestration of virtualization. With the amazing features that Contabo has to offer, it is trusted by thousands of users.

The customer support of this platform is excellent, and they have received various awards and good reviews for the support they provide to the users. They are also very much focused on security and follow three pillars: physical security to ensure no unauthorized person has access to the data centers, following the processes to provide high protection, and lastly, involving customers through two-factor authentication.

The OS distributions of this platform include Windows, FreeBSD, OpenSUSE, Rockylinux, Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. Contabo supports Plesk, Docker, cPanel, and Webmin.

The platform has four packages in store for you. Cloud VPS S starts from $6.99/month and offers four vCPU cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB NVMe, one snapshot, and 32TB traffic. Cloud VPS M starts from $11.99/month and offers six vCPU cores, 16GB RAM, 100GB NVMe, two snapshots, and 32TB traffic.

Cloud VPS L starts from 19.99 USD/month and offers eight vCPU cores, 30GB RAM, 200GB NVMe, three snapshots, and 32TB traffic. Cloud VPS XL starts from 34.99 USD/month and offers ten vCPU cores, 60GB RAM, 400GB NVMe, four snapshots, and 32TB traffic.

Key Features

  • Generous traffic.
  • High-end storage.
  • Handle intensive workloads.
  • Customer control panel.
  • API and CLI.
  • DevOps features.
  • Allow snapshots for quick server deployment.
  • DDoS protection.
  • Instant deployment.
  • Ultimate internet networking
  • Phone and Email support.
  • Full DNS management.

Visit Contabo Here

3. Hostens – Cheapest High RAM VPS Hosting


Are you looking for a cheap high RAM VPS that will have absolutely no hidden conditions or charges? Hostens is here to tackle your demands. This platform has clear deals in store for you so that you don’t get to face any kind of hidden charges when using their services.

Once you are done with the required payment, the services are set up within minutes, which means you will not have to wait for anything since everything is already sorted out. Keeping in mind redundancy and reliability in mind, this hosting platform has been built on enterprise-level hardware.

The platform has four VPS in store for you, including Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Container VPS, and Storage VPS. The Linux VPS supports various OS, including CloudLinux, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. The supported OS for Windows VPS includes Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, etc.

Supported OS for Container VPS includes Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS, while it includes the same three as Container VPS for the Storage VPS. Once you have decided to go with Hostens, all you need to do is to select a VPS package, order the VPS and go online. Yes, this is how simple using this platform is.

When it comes to pricing, Linux VPS has three options. The very basic (small) package starts at 1.80 USD/mo and offers 20GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The second one (medium) costs 3.60 USD/mo and offers 40GB disk space, 8TB bandwidth, 4GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core while the large package starts at 7.20 USD/mo and offers 80GB disk space, 16TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM memory, and 2 CPU cores.

For Windows VPS, their small VPS starts at 4.50 USD/mo and offers 40GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The medium package starts at 7.50 USD/mo and offers 60GB disk space, 8TB bandwidth, 4GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The large plan starts at 12 USD/mo and offers 80GB disk space, 16TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM memory, and 2 CPU cores.

For Container VPS hosting, the small VM costs $1.20/mo for 20GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The medium starts at $2.40/mo and offers 40GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, 4GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. Their large VPS costs $4.80/mo with 80GB disk space, 8TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM memory, and 2 CPU cores.

Finally, for Storage VPS, the small VPS starts at $1.20/mo with 256GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth, 0.5GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The medium plan is priced at $2.40 and offers 512GB disk space, 4TB bandwidth, 1GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core. The large plan starts at $4.80/mo for 1024GB disk space, 8TB bandwidth, 2GB RAM memory, and 1CPU core.

Key Features

  • Cloud infrastructure.
  • Great support.
  • Fast access time.
  • Flexibility and quick scalability.
  • Reliable cheap high RAM VPS hosting
  • Prepared OS templates.
  • Stable servers with different OS options.

Visit Hostens Here

4. InterServer – Best Cloud VPS Servers with Huge RAM


Looking for a reliable and affordable High RAM VPS option for your website? Well, InterServer is your go-to option. You can easily trust the VPS plans offered by this platform since they are highly affordable and provide excellent features that you must be looking for.

You can customize the resources you need using this platform instead of paying more for the ones you don’t require to run your website. The data is readily available and accessible no matter which corner of the world you need to access it from.

Using InterServer, you get to have full access to your site and the freedom of deciding what you need on your cloud server. The platform allows you the privilege of installing the operating system and the control panel without having any need to take permission from them.

Along with providing you with high RAM, the platform also gives services at a lightning-fast speed which is reasonably necessary for your website to retain its customers. Additionally, you get to pay for the resources you need to make sure that you as a user enjoy the benefit of each penny you spend.

When it comes to pricing, their VPS services start at 6 USD per month and offer 1 CPU core, 2048MB memory, 30Gb SSD, and 2TB transfer and go up to 96 USD per month, offering 16 CPU cores, 32768MB memory, 480GB SSD and 32TB transfer.

The Storage VPS services start at 6 USD per month and offer 1 CPU core, 2048MB memory, 1TB HDD, and 2TB transfer and go up to 96 USD per month, offering 16 CPU cores, 32768MB memory, 16TB HDD, and 32TB transfer.

The Windows VPS services start at 10 USD per month and offer 1 CPU core, 2048MB memory, 30GB SSD, and 2TB transfer and go up to 160 USD per month, offering 16 CPU cores, 32768MB memory, 480GB SSD, and 32TB transfer.

Key Features

  • Reliable and affordable.
  • Data is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Complete control over the site.
  • Lightning-fast loading speeds.
  • Dedicated resources.
  • Self-healing hardware.
  • Top-notch security.
  • 99.9% uptime.
  • Remote backup services.

Visit InterServer Here

5. Time4VPS


Time4VPS has some undeniable benefits in store for you since the platform is known for being extremely flexible, reliable, and fast. What makes it one of the best services is the fact that you are allowed to select any plan without worrying about not getting enough storage or RAM.

Additionally, all their resources are entirely dedicated to your system, allowing you to scale or descale it anytime you want. While you are not allowed to add storage or RAM to your existing plan, you can easily upgrade the plan to get access to more RAM without facing any downtime.

Using this platform, you will not have to put much of your efforts or time since they have onsite technical engineers available 24/7 to look after data backups, network and hardware maintenance, and security. You can contact the team anytime you want to through live chat, emails, ticket systems, social networks, etc. This means when you are hosting your website on Time4VPS, you can easily relax knowing that there is a team of specialists that is ready to assist you anytime you are stuck using the platform.

The billing process is quite flexible as you don’t need to sign any contract and stay on the platform as much as you need. Bonus, Time4VPS offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use it for a month and see if it meets all your requirements.

Time4VPS’s Linux VPS servers plans start from Linux2 at 1.61 USD/mo offering 2GB RAM, 20GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, and optional backups, and go up to Linux64 at 110.43 USD/mo, offering 64Gb RAM, 640GB storage, 128Tb bandwidth, and optional backups.

Their Windows VPS plans start from Windows2 at 5.89 USD/mo, offering 2GB RAM, 40GB storage, 4TB bandwidth, and optional backups, and go up to Windows64 at 367.03 USD/mo offering 64Gb RAM, 640GB storage, 128Tb bandwidth, and optional backups.

The Container VPS plans start from C2 at 1.29 USD/mo offering 2GB RAM, 20GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and optional backups, and goes up to C64 at 55.7 USD/mo offering 64Gb RAM, 640GB storage, 64Tb bandwidth, and optional backups.

Lastly, their Storage VPS plans start from 0.25TB plan at 1.29 USD/mo offering 0.5GB RAM, 256GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and no backups and go up to 8TB plan at 55.7 USD/mo offering 16Gb RAM, 8192GB storage, 64Tb bandwidth, and no backups. Time4VPS uses KVM virtualization for VPS servers, so robust isolation and security are ensured.

Key Features

  • Resources on-demand.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Complete hosting solution.
  • Secure and hassle-free.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Reseller program.
  • Flexible billing and self-management.

Visit Time4VPS Here

6. Hostinger


Along with providing you with virtual private server hosting, Hostinger also makes sure to give you complete control over your site. They give you the privilege of having around 512GB of RAM per server and terabytes of NVMe SSD disk space.

All the servers of Hostinger come with the latest Intel Xeon processors that provide enough processing power for all the medium or large-scale running projects. Your website’s loading times when run on this hosting server will be exceptionally great, around 100 MB/s, along with 99.99% of uptime to give your users a smooth experience when they’re on your website.

There are various Operating system templates, and you can enjoy instant OS deployment for VPS hosting. You get to have multiple options for operating systems, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Suse. You not only get to have the flexibility of VPS solutions on this platform but also full access and control over your VPS. Additionally, shoo away the worry of other people’s website traffic affecting your website’s performance since all the resources, including RAM, disk space, and CPU, are totally yours.

There are eight different packages for you to choose from.

VPS 1 starts at $2.99/mo offering 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full root access while VPS 2 starts at $4.99/mo offering 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 2TB bandwidth, dedicated IP and full root access.

VPS 3 starts at $7.99/mo offering 3GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 3TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and complete server access.

VPS 4 starts at $9.99/mo offering 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD, 4TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full root access.

VPS 5 starts at $23.95/mo, offering 6GB RAM, 120GB SSD, 6TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and complete root access.

VPS 6 starts at $38.99/mo, offering 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD, 8TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full root access.

VPS 7 starts at $57.99/mo, offering 12GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 10TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full root access.

VPS 8 starts at $77.99/mo, offering 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 12TB bandwidth, dedicated IP, and full root access.

Key Features

  • SSD and processing power.
  • 100 MB/s network.
  • NFS support.
  • Full root access.
  • Dedicated IPv6.
  • Backups and snapshots.

Visit Hostinger Here

7. VPSDime


VPSDime is a cheap High RAM VPS platform with unique features is what a website owner dreams of. Look no more, as VPSDime is here to provide you with what you desire. With 565474GB provisioned RAM, 15 minutes response time, 6 locations, and inexpensive services, VPSDime has made it to the list of best massive RAM VPS services available for your website.

Even though the prices are quite cheap, they are extremely fast and reliable, so you get the most out of it while investing a lesser amount. The powerful control panel of the server lets you enjoy simplified management with many amazing features.

You get to have four different types of VPS options to choose from on this platform, including Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Premium VPS, and Storage VPS. The Linux VPS is the benchmark champion and provides you with generous resources and enterprise SSD power that too at a great price.

The Windows VPS is always ready for your demand and specifically suitable for remote desktops. The premium VPS is a virtualized portion of a dedicated server, and the price includes nightly backups. There is plenty of storage in Storage VPS coupled with the Linux distro to provide great benefits for your website.

When it comes to pricing, Linux VPS starts at $7/month, offering 4 CPU cores, 6GB ECC RAM, 30GB SSD storage, 2TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink, and goes up to $84/month, offering 4 CPU cores, 72GB ECC RAM, 360GB SSD storage, 24TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink.

Windows VPS starts at $15/month, offering 2 CPU cores, 6GB ECC RAM, 50GB SSD storage, 4TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink, and goes up to $320/month, offering 16 CPU cores, 128GB ECC RAM, 1600GB SSD storage, 128TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink.

Premium VPS starts at $20/month, offering 1 CPU core, 4GB ECC RAM, 60GB SSD storage, 2TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink, and goes up to $320/month, offering 16 CPU cores, 64GB ECC RAM, 960GB SSD storage, 32TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink.

Storage VPS starts at $40/year, offering 1 CPU core, 1GB ECC RAM, 100GB SSD storage, 1TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink, and goes up to $56/month, offering 4 CPU cores, 2GB ECC RAM, 4000GB SSD storage, 32TB transfer, and 10Gbps uplink.

Key Features

  • Nightly backups
  • Remote desktop setup.
  • cPanel Hardening.
  • Server management.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Enterprise-grade SSD.
  • 72-hour money-back guarantee.

Visit VPSDime Here

8. Kimsufi

Kimsufi cheap high ram vps hosting

Providing you with dedicated and VPS servers that are extremely affordable, Kimsufi works around five continents among thousands of users. These affordable Kimsufi servers are perfect for you to get started with your websites. Training is available for you that will help you move from theory to practice, all thanks to the server designed to support you throughout. Plus, you can host your community or personal website on your own platform and manage your sites with simplified control panel administration.

For low-cost starter VPS, you get to start with various scalable private servers that are connected to the global network without costing you your arms and legs. Various amazing features are included with your servers, like availability in eight locations, 24/7 surveillance and interventions, 99.95% SLA, IPv4 address, IPv6 address, KVM, Anti-DDoS, API, and root access.

The OS and applications which are available when you use Kimsufi include CentOS, Debian, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Joomla, cPanel, OpenVPN, VestaCP, PrestaShop, WordPress, Virtualmin, etc.

When it comes to pricing, there are various packages available on Kimsufi. Starting as low as $3.34 per month, the starter VM server provides you with one vCore CPU, 2GB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage. A free domain is available when you purchase the hosting plan.

The Stater VM includes a range of scalable private servers. Additionally, it combines flexibility with freedom so that you can enjoy shared hosting and the autonomy of a dedicated server to meet all your requirements.

Key Features

  • One website hosting.
  • Backup and restore options.
  • 100MB of MySQL database.
  • Two email accounts.
  • High availability.
  • IP geolocation.
  • Cheap high RAM VPS and dedicated hosting
  • Application firewall.
  • Support Perl, PHP, FPM, and Python web hosting.

Visit Kimsufi Here

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9. AlphaVPS

AlphaVPS cheapest high RAM VPS

What better than the team of hosting servers that you use believing your success as their own success? This is exactly what the team of AlphaVPS has to say. What makes it stand out among competitors is the fact that they take its customer’s experience to a whole new level by taking full care of the server infrastructure and giving the customers more time to work on what matters the most.

Their team is highly skilled and will help you take care of any problem that you face while working efficiently on solving it in the best way possible. Various operating systems are available, which can be reinstalled easily with just one click. The OS templates are available for you to choose from, including Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, AlmaLinux, and Fedora.

The server control panel is quite easy to use and allows you to have easy management of your VPS. The platform is one of those that gives you the reason why you should choose them as your virtual server provider. The first reason is that their VPS servers are very affordable and perfect for you when you are on a tight budget.

Their High RAM VPS plans reside on very powerful Dual Intel Xeon E5 nodes, which is another reason to go with this platform. The final reason being they have an amazing network of around 500+ Gbps of aggregated capacity and low latency.

There are nine different plans that this platform has in store for you. The plans start from 3.77 USD per month and offer four vCores, 2GB RAM, 15GB SSD storage, and 1TB on 1Gbit/s bandwidth. The plan goes up to 43.11 USD per month and offers four vCores, 32GB RAM, 240GB SSD storage, and 4TB on 1Gbit/s bandwidth.

All you need to do is to pick any of the nine plans that you can check on their website, customize and configure the VPS the way you want and finally, your VPS gets deployed instantly and is ready to use.

Key Features

  • Secure virtual servers.
  • Easy control panel.
  • Full root access for ultimate efficiency.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • Premium network connectivity.
  • Easily scalable when needed.
  • Fast SSD arrays.
  • Instant virtual instance setup.

Visit AlphaVPS Here

10. RamNode


Affordable high RAM VPS servers with powerful features are what RamNode has been working on since they entered the VPS industry. The platform is always working on providing you with the VPS services that you need and require for your website to run smoothly.

They have various data centers, including Netherlands, NY City, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, out of which you can choose anyone that suits you the best to deploy today. What sets them apart from competitors is the customer service they have for you. You can have 24/7 responses to your queries, so you don’t have to worry about not getting assisted when you face a problem on this platform.

The lightning-fast hardware lets you deploy instantly without facing any delay, which is definitely a dream for anyone who is running a website. The cloud flexibility of this platform provides you with the performance that you expect or even more.

With the simplified cloud platform that RamNode offers, you can easily grow, deploy and develop your business without putting in much effort and time. The feature-rich control panel of this platform makes the whole process of cloud hosting extremely easy and flexible. Additionally, you are allowed to deploy any OS that you want and that too at any time.

There are three VPS, including Standard KVM VPS, Premium KVM VPS, and Massive KVM VPS. The standard KVM VPS pricing starts at 3 USD/month and offers 512MB memory, one core CPU, 15GB SSD, and 1000GB bandwidth, and it goes up to 40 USD/month, offering 8GB memory, four cores CPU, 180GB SSD and 5000GB bandwidth. The

Premium KVM VPS pricing starts at 12 USD/month and offers 2GB memory, one core CPU, 50GB SSD, and 3000GB bandwidth, and it goes up to 96 USD/month, offering 16GB memory, four cores CPU, 400GB SSD and 6000GB bandwidth.

The Massive KVM VPS pricing starts at 3 USD/month and offers 512MB memory, one core CPU, 160GB SSD, and 2000GB bandwidth, and it goes up to 60 USD/month, offering 12GB memory, four cores CPU, 4000GB SSD, and 15000GB bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Instant deployment.
  • Lightning-fast hardware.
  • Cloud flexibility.
  • Feature-rich control panel.
  • Quick new instance deployment with snapshots
  • Custom firewalls.
  • Startup scripts.
  • Different payment methods.
  • 24/7 responses.
  • Excellent customer service.

Visit RamNode Here


If you are a website owner, you know how important VPS servers are to run your website smoothly without putting in much of your effort. However, along with other features, high storage also plays a great role each time you have to start a new process on your website. Therefore, selecting a High RAM VPS is important for running various RAM-intensive applications like web servers, databases, in-memory data processing applications, etc.

With tons of VPS web hosting providers available in the market, it gets overwhelming to select the best one that provides you with great features and meets all your website needs and requirements. However, we have covered the best cheap high RAM VPS providers offering excellent features at affordable prices to make your choices precise.

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