12 Top CloudWays Alternatives of 2024 [Hand-Picked CloudWays Competitors]

We have already discussed many web hosting alternatives to help all kinds of users. In this article, you’ll be learning some of the best Cloudways alternatives that can be used to get sustainable, reliable, and fast cloud hosting.

One thing we must say is that Cloudways is the right place for developers, webmasters, bloggers, and enterprises to avail of managed cloud servers backed by multiple reputed cloud platforms such as GoogleCloud, DigitalOcean, AWS Amazon, Linode, and Vultr, etc.

Although you can get cloud services directly from these providers, you might face issues regarding customer support as well as technical documentation.


Because almost all of them, especially AWS, impose customer support limitations and charge extra fees. On the other hand, Cloudways assists you round the clock regarding any technical problem that you might face and fix it as soon as possible. Furthermore, their platform is built in such a way to let beginners launch cloud instances like a charm compared to AWS, which is complex to use.

If everything is good, then should someone look for an alternative?

Let’s find it out!

Why Cloudways Alternatives?

Chances are you could have different reasons than ours or someone else’s point of view as everyone perceives a product from different perspectives, right?

Let’s discuss step-by-step:

Their cloud plans’ pricing sits on the expensive side even though they offer fully managed cloud hosting, but it’s still high. For instance, an entry plan of Vultr costs $11/month from Cloudways, however, it can be purchased directly from the official Vultr site just at $5/month. Keep in mind that Cloudways includes free add-ons, which you might miss with Vultr.

They rely on third party datacenters Amazon Web Services, Vultr, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean are a few names to mention. That said, the company doesn’t own any data center, which might be an issue for some users.

We really appreciate Cloudways’ custom user panel, but some customers might complain about it as it’s way different than traditional panels like cPanel or Plesk. Plus, you’re not going to get email hosting which means extra expenses for email storage service.

While comparing operating systems, you may be surprised to know that they don’t support Windows OS. So, if you’re a Windows developer/user, Cloudways isn’t for you.

Now, let’s dig deeper to review some closed Cloudways competitors and similar cloud hosting providers.

12 Cloudways Alternatives and Competitors of 2024

1. Kamatera – Editor’s Recommended

Kamatera managed cloudways alternatives

When it comes to world-class but affordable cloud hosting services that deliver ultimate uptime, high page loading speed, reliable hardware, and excellent service availability, Kamatera takes the first place. It takes a lot of factors to consider while deciding which company to choose for your website or application, such as selecting a suitable data center that happens to be near your target audience. How much disk space you need to accommodate data, scalability, and availability of customer support. 

Sometimes, all of these factors are hard to come by in a single combination, but with Kamatera, you can achieve all these in one place. The company has more than two decades of experience in the business and specializes in cloud computing technology. Through an elegantly designed control panel, it takes only a few clicks to deploy a cloud server backed by robust security measures. 

In under 60 seconds or less, you launch a cloud infrastructure with the required resources, thanks to instant provisioning. What makes Kamatera a powerful Cloudways competitor is the capability of instant resources upgrades and degrades, ensuring ultimate scalability. Users can increase or decrease system specs like CPU Cores, Disk space, or RAM anytime promptly.

Kamatera offers pre-made plans and custom server configurations to let users build the desired machine suitable for their projects. Similar to CloudWays, they also provide multiple data center locations across four continents. But, all cloud datacenters are owned by the company giving them an edge over Cloudways. 

If pre-made plans don’t fulfill your requirements, then head over to the customized section. It allows the selection of server type, CPU cores, memory, space, public IPs, monthly bandwidth, and data center location.

Furthermore, you can also pick an operating system from dozens of options. Kamatera supports 100+ OS images (Windows, Linux, various Linux distros) and custom ISO too. Other features that also can be enabled within seconds are load balancers, firewalls, private cloud networks, and block storage. 

Kamatera’s cloud servers are capable of running WordPress CMS, email, ERP, CRM, IoT, or VoIP services. With Remote Dekstop, admins can also deploy centralized software to manage the whole team through a single software install.

The entire platform is powered by the latest Intel processors, SSDs, multi-tier network connectivity, and no single point of failure, so the fastest response time is guaranteed. It also ensures zero latency rate, no service lag, and ultimate uptime. 

Prominent Features:

  • Easy-to-use management console
  • 18 Global data center locations
  • Ultimate scalability on the go
  • Various data center facilities across the world
  • Expert customer support is available via multiple ways
  • Under one-minute server deployment
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure maximum service availability
  • High read/write speed with the help of SSDs
  • Addons also available for enhanced performance

2. Vultr

Vultr cheapest cloudways alternative

Vultr is our runner-up choice as it not only provides high affordable cloud servers but is also backed by a cutting-edge infrastructure. If saving the budget significantly is your primary concern, then Vultr should be your first choice. Apart from cost-effective plans, it also offers you a multitude of cloud hosting options to begin with.

The company launched in 2014 and, up till now, has scored millions of customers operating/using the dedicated and other cloud server based options. One of the most abrupt and fundamental reasons for choosing Vultr over Cloudways is that you get solid state drives for data storage, and multiple data center locations. 

Just like the competition, firewall security is in place that can be enabled or disabled as per user request. Plus, a robust DDoS mitigation framework protects against layer 3 as well as layer 4 network attacks. You might know a poor security measure against DDoS can severely impact uptime and performance, so it’s an essential feature your cloud provider should have.

There are customized hosting options for users of all kinds, a variety of features you get, such as quick deployment, various OS options, a 1-click apps installer, and a custom ISO option. Vultr is an excellent alternative to Cloudways because it provides solutions for a range of users. Whether you need a cloud Compute machine, High-frequency machine, Bare Metal servers for high processing, Dedicated servers, Block storage, and Object storage, they have all of them in one place.

Similar to Cloudways, they do have an elegant central panel using which you can launch, modify, or upgrade your cloud in a few seconds. Besides different cloud types, users can make use of add-ons like snapshots, backups, private networks, and dynamic IP changes. All these add-ons allow performance enhancement when needed.

Furthermore, all data centers and servers are the sole property of the provider. Their in-house technicians maintain each machine, modify for optimal performance and maximum outcome. Each server is built with the latest generation Intel 3GHz+ processors, NVMe SSDs, and connected with a premium class network. Thus delivering consistent uptime and the fastest hosting through clouds. The technology being implemented by Cloudways is also not bad, but it is not definitely something that would promise a 99% uptime for your digital assets.

Compared to Cloudways, to ensure fast data rendering and server location diversity, Vultr also allows customers to choose from 32 locations worldwide, covering America, Asia, Europe, etc. There is no extra fee involved when connecting with a distant server, as you can easily choose the one which is geographically nearer to your current location. Both companies, Vultr and Cloudways, offer 24/7 customer support via multiple channels.

There is a considerable price difference between both, let’s compare. Cloudways charges $11 per month for 1GB Ram, 25GB space, 1 Core, and 1TB bandwidth, whereas the same specs from Vultr only cost $5 per month – twice lower than Cloudways.

Prominent Features:

  • Blazingly fast cheaper cloud hosting packages
  • Utilizing all SSD servers for enhanced speed
  • 32 global data centers on 4 continents
  • Transparent pay-as-you-go billing system
  • A library full of dozens of OS, apps, and ISO
  • Intuitive yet user friendly control panel
  • Stability and performance guaranteed
  • Full root access for ultimate control
  • Quick deployment with robust API access

3. TurnKey Internet (Cloud VPS)


The next Cloudways alternative in our list is Turnkey Internet, which provides web hosting services since 1999 to small and medium-ranged businesses. With the core aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, it’s an all-in-one place where you can get a variety of web hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, colocation servers, 10G dedicated servers and Windows hosting. They also offer cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and Linux reseller services for users willing to start their own hosting company.

Many people do say that they haven’t heard much about Turnkey Internet while it exists and has been providing superior web services around. In fact, they have an extended portfolio of dedicated servers built for different purposes. Cloudways and Turnkey Internet can be compared head-on-head with many things.

Like Cloudways, they also utilize the latest technologies, KVM virtualization, automatic backups, Xeon processors, a low latency system, and dedicated IPs, making it a perfect alternative to Cloudways. 

You can set up a cloud instance with up to 56 CPU Cores and a monstrous RAM of up to 384GB for resource intensive tasks. There are more than 25 operating systems that can be deployed, or you can install a custom OS as well. It doesn’t stop right there as you also get a guarantee of 100% resources.

Cloudways don’t offer any money-back guarantee, whereas, Turnkey Internet has a 30-day refund policy. The provider owns all of its data centers while all are HIPPA compliant. However, they have only two locations and lack some features. 

The best part is by spending $4.99/month; your plan includes a free dedicated IP address, dozens of OS options, free backups, 5GB RAID-10 storage, 1 CPU, and 1GB memory. You can opt for add-ons to improve the performance of your cloud machine.

Turnkey Internet provides you with 24x7x365 live chat, call, and email support should you fall into any complications of setting up your server or any other maintenance-related issues. So, support agents are always there to fix your problems promptly. This would save you a lot of time, and your overall energy would be better conserved and could be brought into focus for other important things, such as maintaining your brand or business.

Prominent Features:

  • Economic cloud hosting servers with 50+ OS
  • Fastest hosting through RAID-10 disk systems
  • Free data backups, auto reboots, and OS reload
  • KVM-based virtualization with guaranteed resources allocation
  • Zero set-up fee
  • Up to 56 processing cores, 384GB Ram, and 32 dedicated IPs can be assigned to one server
  • All SSD servers (Samsung PRO Series drives)
  • Anytime instant client support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

4. HostGator Cloud – Best for Bloggers and Webmasters

HostGator cheap cloudways alternative for websites

HostGator is the most cost-effective choice that might spring to mind when looking for affordable cloud hosting to setting up a website. Even though they do have shared hosting plans that comprise all essentials to build a smoothly running site, but you may have to compromise on performance, uptime, and speed. That’s where HostGator cloud plans come into the game for making a speedy loading site. 

Plus, cloud server hosting offered by the company delivers 4x resources and 2x faster load time. With the help of business-grade hardware, low latency servers, multi-layer caching, and optimal server optimization, your website loads rapidly even during traffic spikes. HostGator team built a custom caching mechanism integrated with all their cloud servers resulting in high speed page loading.

Furthermore, your account provides access to a feature-rich control panel using which you can analyze server statistics, website performance, and all other essential metrics. So, what makes HostGator a strong Cloudways alternative? A free domain name worth $12/year for the first year includes in all cloud packages offered by HostGator, while Cloudways doesn’t provide any domain (domain registration service is not part of their products, though). HG allows you to enable SSL certificates without any extra fee.

The very basic cloud package by Cloudways costs $11/month, which packs 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB space, free migration, free SSL, SSH, automated backups, and 1TB bandwidth. While HostGator’s basic cloud “Hatchling” costs $4.96/month, bringing 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL certificates, backups, cPanel access, and on-the-go scalability. Even Cloudflare CDN can be enabled free, whereas Cloudways sell CDN as an add-on.

HG cloud arrives with a variety of things that Cloudways doesn’t offer, and a bunch of them include free website transfer assistance and a money-back guarantee. Both of these options seem to be missing from the competitor. All packages bring 2x or 3x processing power along with many premium features such as Positive SSL, SEO tools, dedicated IP address, multiple CPU Cores, and unlimited domains hosting on a single account. 

To compete with Cloudways further, the HG control panel consists of a one-click installer which makes it simpler to install popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Apart from that, all facilities are the sole properties of the company, unlike Cloudways. Rest assured, if you’re seeking quality services for your spent money then HostGator is the way to go. That’s why we highly recommend HostGator cloud to bloggers and webmasters for setting up a website.

Prominent Features:

  • More resources at a comparatively lower price
  • Custom made central panel along with cPanel
  • 2x more speed compared to shared hosting
  • 1-click installer for WordPress – good for bloggers
  • Instant upgrades without data migration
  • Scaling up system specifications is dead simple
  • Friendly resources management dashboard

5. DreamHost


DreamHost is one of the oldest and well-known in the web hosting business, operating since 1996, a California based provider. A one-stop-shop where users can buy shared, managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. For high performance, they also serve reliable VPS and Dedicated servers as well as cloud computing servers. In addition to their products, they also provide domain registration services with free WHOIS guard.

PCMag, a prominent online magazine name, certifies DreamHost as a top host for all kinds of projects. For the last half-decade, they have got high ratings by PCMag’s editors. Now, you got an idea of how reliable and sustainable DreamHost’s services are. Their cloud services come in two categories; CloudCompute and DreamObjects. And both products are capable enough to compete with Cloudways in almost all manners which makes it the best Cloudways alternative. 

When we compare DreamHost and Cloudways, you’ll know that both DreamHost support multiple OS, apps, and ISO options. Plus, you can install the WordPress operating system and BSD too. Furthermore, you are allowed to work with MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and much more. The entire cloud platform of DreamHost is constructed with Ceph and OpenStack to deliver unmatchable freedom.

The overall concept of cloud computing is providing users easy access to Linux, Windows, and Python oriented systems, which they require for the smooth sailing of their projects. Luckily, you can launch any of the mentioned OS in under 30 seconds. Moreover, there is something that puts Cloudways over DreamHost, and that is when having to choose a data center location as you can do it over Cloudways, but DreamHost doesn’t allow it in any possible way – a deal-breaker factor to some extent.

If you’re thinking about hosting a personal blog on a cloud server, then you won’t be able to find something more intriguing and ecstatic as DreamHost because it offers unlimited bandwidth, massive SSD storage, and free block storage for under five bucks.

The very basic plan provides the power of 1 Core and 512MB RAM, which is quite suitable for small as well as startup websites. It’s also good for setting up small apps and projects under a low budget. For more processing power, higher plans also available. 

No matter which cloud package you’re going to purchase, all are capable for running WordPress, developer tools, programming, coding, and setting up development environments. With high scalability and full root access, you can upgrade server resources within in no time. For developers, OpenStack compatible API, SSH access, and various operating systems are accessible.

DreamHost’s minimum plan offers 0.5GB RAM, 80GB solid state storage, and one CPU core for $4.50 per month. But if you want a more upfront system to work with, DreamHost should be a preferred choice because you can choose to pay per hour if you don’t need long term cloud services. This allows for upfront scalability for businesses, websites, and brands. If they like the services offered by the company, they can easily shift to a monthly-based package. 

One more thing that should lighten here is that DreamHost presents a money-back guarantee for the users, but Cloudways doesn’t.

Prominent Features:

  • Exceptional scalability allows on-the-go server resources upgrades/downgrades
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and BSD
  • Under 30-second cloud deployment is really impressive
  • Full administrative control and root access
  • Powerful API for remote tasks
  • Next-gen processors and SSDs
  • Affordable cloud hosting plans with chat support
  • One month refund policy

6. InterServer

interserver cloudways alternative for cloud vps

When we compare Interserver with Cloudways, one thing is crystal clear that it’s more affordable and budget-friendly than the competition. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, it is now one of the big names providing different kinds of hosting solutions to all range of customers. Whereas Cloudways only offer cloud hosting servers, dedicated servers, GPU servers, eCommerce, and cloud hosting. Furthermore, email storage, cPanel hosting, CMS, and website builder services also provided by the vendor.

It was started in 1999 with primary aims to deliver expert support, quality hosting, and customer satisfaction at economical prices. Though more than twenty years passed still, they are committed to core values. Regardless of the cloud plan you choose, all servers built in a way to protect against malware, ransomware, and viruses – thanks to cutting-edge security measures. 

There are various platforms like KVM, Openvz, Hyper-v virtualization, and Virtuozzo work collectively to achieve optimum security as well as performance. This also results in an unbelievable 99.99% service uptime and reliability even under high traffic spikes. Besides that, you get a broad range of OS options such as Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, Open SUSE, Slackware, etc. 

InterServer owns all of its data centers located in Los Angeles and Secaucus, unlike Cloudways. Though there are only fewer locations to choose from to host your data. That’s a major con of choosing InterServer over Cloudways, but keep in mind the competitor host utilizes third party cloud infrastructures. You get full root access to your cloud machine hence instantly deployment of any OS of your choice.

As many bloggers and professional developers have to work with WordPress as well as certain apps to begin with, that is why Interserver has placed one click WordPress installer and offers almost 450+ apps for developers. An easy to use control panel developed by the company developers included featuring essential functionalities and diversified needs of the users. Moreover, you can use cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin web panel as a matter of fact at only elongating your package with a small overall charge.

For any problems or general queries, you would get 24/7 customer care support via call, chat, and email to eradicate any issues you are currently facing. Auto-healing, quick provisioning, managed support, fast I/O through SSDs, remote backups, and dedicated resources are a few features that should be mentioned.

The basic cloud package costs $6 per month, offering 1 Core, 2GB Ram, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB data bandwidth while the same resources cost way higher from Cloudways. You can scale up to a whopping 32GB Ram, 16 Cores, 480GB Space, and 16TB bandwidth for intensive tasks like data processing. A Windows Cloud VPS “Slice 1” priced at $10 per month packed with 1 Core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD, and 2TB bandwidth. There are up to 16 Slices available to choose from.

Prominent Features:

  • Self-healing hardware ensures maximum availability
  • Dedicated resources allocation
  • Multiple control panels to utilize
  • High uptime and speed via SSD
  • Quick deployment of PHP, Python, Java, Perl with Bread Basket Script
  • Support SQLLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL
  • 100+ apps to deploy
  • Managed client support if you purchase 4 slices or more.

7. DigitalOcean – Cloudways Alternative for Developers


Another leading name when we talk about Cloudways competitor is DigitalOcean, established back in June 2011. They are empowering more than 100,000 clients all over the world with a whopping 99.99% SLA. It provides cloud solutions to the customers for over a decade and offers 13 data centers across various geographical spots. If you have advanced knowledge and experience of managing cloud hosting platforms, then it’s the right choice for you.

FYI, the company called cloud instances as “Droplet”. All of their products are capable of delivering a whopping 99.99% SLA, thanks to the perfect combination of enterprise-grade hardware. To help users achieve more, they serve a wide array of services, including object space, Kubernetes clusters, scalable droplets, database management, and networking tools. Many advanced features such as powerful API, web-based CLI, DC/OS cluster, and Slack integration. DigitalOcean has built exclusive tools for different tasks, thus ensure maximum productivity.

DigitalOcean, without any doubt, is the most dedicated and compatible choice for diverse production environments because it presents developer-friendly tools, flexible scalability, and performance-oriented plans. One more feature, which is why it’s more popular among development teams, is the ability to set up “Teams” using which administrators can grant specific privileges to teammates.

That said, a single account can be used for maintaining the whole company staff and all projects. That’s why it’s a great alternative to Cloudway and should be among your top priorities. Furthermore, you’re provided with a simple yet intuitive one-click installer dashboard to begin with. All you have to do is click once over a certain item to configure a cloud server and bring it to effective use.

A variety of distributions can be initiated, tested, and deployed all at the same time, such as Ubuntu, FreeBSD, WordPress, GitHub, and Ruby. You can incomparably enhance your virtual cloud machine’s performance by implementing load balancers, an add-on product that Cloudways lacks. Load balancers not only balance the traffic load but also divide the system load into multiple servers to avoid downtimes.

Let’s put it in this way, if a particular server is caught up with extreme traffic, then the rest of the incoming traffic would automatically be loaded or transferred to free nodes of the additional servers. At the price of $10 per month, load balancing add-on includes free SSL certificates, HTTP/2 support, proxy protocols, automatic IP routing, and painless Kubernetes compatibility.

Similar to CloudwaysBot notification, you can set up system alerts that would subtly notify you for monitoring disk usage, CPU processing, bandwidth rate, memory usage, and disk read/write. Launching a basic cloud droplet only takes 55 seconds at the price of $5/month that would get you 25GB SSD, 1TB bandwidth, 1 CPU, and 1GB RAM.

Prominent Features:

  • One-click apps (LEMP, LAMP, Docker, MongoDB, Node.js, etc.
  • Support various distributions and custom OS
  • Real-time system monitoring
  • Affordable cloud hosting packages with advanced tools
  • Refined API allows you to manage servers remotely
  • Backed by KVM hypervisors, 40 GbE connectivity, SSDs
  • Free SSL certificates with auto renewal
  • Availability of different VM configurations to run all kinds of apps.

8. A2Hosting

a2hosting WordPress Cloudways Alternative

A2Hosting is the oldest one in the game as being in action since 2001 and offering customers not only with web hosting but also cloud solutions along with SSL certificates, email storage, and domain registration service. Plus, web hosting for CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Django, and ClassPass, etc. also served by the provider. 

The company only utilizes solid state drives for data storage no matter which type of hosting product you choose, thus deliver a 300% faster and quicker punch of lightning speed to the end customers. In other words, if you’re someone who is looking for SSD hosting, then A2Hosting is the right place.

When compared to Cloudways, they have four data centers located in Michigan (USA), Arizona (USA), Europe (Amsterdam), and Asia (Singapore). All of them connected to the dual fiber multihomed network to avoid downtimes if one internet provider goes down. No doubt, the number of data centers provided by A2Hosting is way lower than the competition but still, ultimate performance is ensured.   

Cloud hosting offered by the host allow on-demand scalability within seconds, you can start with a small server and upgrade easily later. Like Cloudways, they also present up to 14 operating systems, server location choice, and add-ons to further boost speed. Each cloud server plan includes fine-tuned performance, developer-friendly tools, root access, custom OS deployment, and advanced security measures. 

Administration privileges let you shutdown, reboot, and edit files as per your requirement resulting in maximum benefits from your machine. Keep in mind, Cloudways restricts root access which means limited control. 

A2Hosting assist its customer 24/7/365 via various gateways, including live chat, phone call, and ticket system. There is also a knowledge base section using which you can learn technical things. They have friendly support experts available instantly whenever you need help regarding your cloud servers and would try their utmost to fix problems. 

A standard cloud plan starts from $5 per month, which brings the power of 1 Core processor, 20GB SSD storage, 0.5GB RAM, and 2TB bandwidth. Or you can precisely choose required resources according to your project needs hence save money, no need to subscribe to bundled packages.

What makes A2Hosting a better alternative to Cloudways is anytime money back guarantee. You read it right; you can ask for a refund anytime or a full refund within 45 days. Their refund policy works on a pro-rated credits system, so money of the unused resources will be returned to you.

Prominent Features:

  • Unparallel performance with 20x turbo servers
  • Admin level full access
  • Latest hardware, security patches, and high speed network connectivity
  • 99.9% uptime + SSD cloud VPS
  • Comparably cheaper than Cloudways
  • Custom OS installation along with various Linux distros

9. CloudSigma


Another Cloudways competitor is CloudSigma, which started its operation in 2009 and since then has been rising to the steady landscape and giving a really tough time to opponents like Cloudways, DigitalOcean, Vultr, etc. With extreme availability of SSD based storage, 10 GigE internet connection, KVM virtualization, ISO certification, and low latency locations around the world, your cloud virtual machine delivers optimal stability. 

CloudSigma utilizes the modern hardware, custom CPU options, and a combination of both SSD and magnetic storage. So you can decide which type of drive you want to utilize for different goals like solid state drives for OS installation and magnetic for mass data storing. This approach dramatically impacts on the overall cost because SSD space usually cost more compared to magnetic disks. Users can opt for up to 100TB per magnetic drive and SSD for up to 5TB – isn’t it tremendous?

On the other hand, the inclusion of KVM virtualization makes sure that you have all the dedicated resources you paid for and none of your data is mixed up with other users using the same cloud server. Besides that, if you spend $10 or more, you’ll get some exclusive freebies such as 1GB RAM, 5TB bandwidth, and 50GB SSD space.

Cloudsigma is relatively a large company with over 13 datacenters operating worldwide and allowing you to pick up any particular data center near you. The strategic distribution of each data center across the globe ensures low latency (1ms), high ping, and fast rendering regardless of the geo-location of your audience. The company also allows you to install any operating system of your liking. You can begin with Windows, Linux, or a customized operating system serving your project needs. 

They also let you integrate with many third party cloud management tools, for example, Abiquo Hybrid Cloud, Apache jclouds driver, Ansible integration, fog.io library, and Libcloud driver. What makes it an excellent Cloudways alternative is super-easy scalability which takes only a few clicks to increase or decrease system specifications. In under 30 seconds or less, you can deploy the desired cloud server instantly.

There is literally no limit regarding server customization which means you can configure a rip-roaring cloud machine to manage big data processing or intensive tasks. An entry-level cloud account costs $8.78/month, yielding access to 1 CPU Core of 2GHz, 1GB memory, 50GB SSD volume, 5TB bandwidth, 1 static IP address, 30GB magnetic disk, and 30 GB backup space. You can try CloudSigma services for seven days without paying a single penny and credit card requirement.

Signing up is quite easy and extremely feasible as during your sign up and choosing the right package that you would have to tread with, you would be provided with a calculator. So you can calculate your overall expenditures, what kind of resources you will be using, and whether these would help maintain your business needs. Whether you are just starting a new journey or you are an expert, but you would definitely require customer support. And this is where Cloudsigma sabotages Cloudways by providing you with efficient support agents 24/7, even at affordable prices.

Prominent Features:

  • Round-the-clock support experts
  • Free firewalls and API calls
  • Unlimited resources integration
  • Compatible with 3rd party tools
  • Elegant API for remote tasks
  • Free resources for clients spending ten bucks or more per month
  • 7-Days free trial without credit cards
  • Multiple internet connectivity avoids network bottlenecks 

10. ToggleBox

ToggleBox cheap cloudways alternative host

ToggleBox is a specialized cloud platform that provides services to businesses, individuals, brands, developers, and large-scale websites. It offers unmatched cloud performance, flexible scalability, custom servers, and experienced customer support service available around the clock for the whole year. The entire platform is backed by SSD SANs, redundant resources, and modern hardware. Basically, OnApp empowers ToggleBox – a cloud management software made for service providers.

OnApp is a robust management software built to help deploy cloud instances quickly, maintain, assign roles, manage users, scale up specs instantly, and load distribution. It’s an all-in-one suite that provides access to a list of essential features required to run a smooth operational cloud server regarding load balancing, auto-scaling, zone availability, billing, etc. You’re allowed to select from monthly or hourly billing as per your wish with a starting price of $9/mo and $0.00284/hour, respectively.

Apart from being a competitive alternative regarding cloud solutions, this provider also offers Windows virtual desktop, cPanel, SSL certificates, and domain registering services. Furthermore, managed backups to prevent malware/ransomware or disaster recovery add-on are available too. For keeping an eye on all of your servers, a proactive monitoring service can be enabled to monitor HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, MySQL, SSH, and Ping status. 

If you’re a blogger or webmaster who wants to host all of its website’s data on a cloud server, then going with cPanel/WHM panel can be a lifesaver. Because this web based panel not only saves a lot of time but makes things simple to execute. You can easily set up email accounts, block spam IPs, enable hotlink protection, create sub-domains and databases, edit DNS, and a lot of other tasks. Keep in mind, Cloudways lacks domain registration and Wildcard SSL.    

What makes ToggleBox unique over Cloudways? Well, it is the ability to customize the starting plan and deployment of the servers in which customers have full control, while on Cloudways, they can’t simply do it and have to choose from the pre-planned packages.

ToggleBox has brought forward the concept of unbeatable speed, uptime, and agility when transpiring their resources to the customers resulting in an idea of block-level access to storage and a full SSD based platform to begin with.

If you have been putting off to a weaker connection or there is something wrong with your node, ToggleBox would transfer your current server/online system to a stable and working node, thus ensuring you uptime and stability through and through. Get your website or projects hosted onto a more rigorous and fluent cloud hosting right away.

ToggleBox uses KVM virtualization technology to make sure all servers deliver high durability, performance, security, and dependability. It isolates each instance’s resources so to not share them with any other users under any circumstances. This host supports a broad range of operating systems such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, RHEL, Arch Linux, SME Server, Windows multiple versions, and CloudLinux.

Still skeptical about them? A 7-day money-back guarantee is in place, which competitor host lacks. Similar to Cloudways, they also include free data migration, VM cloning feature, SSD storage, and load balancing add-ons. 

At the price of $9 per month, your cloud machine will come with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 20GB SSD space, 1 IP address, 10TB bandwidth, and 20GB free backup storage. As you can see, bandwidth is 9x higher than Cloudways, though you get 5GB lower space. You can customize the server up to 16GB RAM, 8 Cores, 500GB SSD, 4 IPs, and 100TB bandwidth for intensive processing.

Prominent Features:

  • All SSD SAN storage delivers high IOPS
  • Automatic node changes
  • Hassle-free data migration
  • Good for both Windows and Linux OS
  • Prompt live chat agents
  • Monthly and hourly billing system
  • Extreme customizability
  • Various Add-ons for speed boosting
  • Allow domain registrations

11. FastComet – Best “Shared Hosting” Cloudways Alternative

Fastcomet cheap cloudways alternative

FastComet has become a type of sensation within the web hosting atmosphere since its debut in the USA; it promises customers an incredible 99.99% uptime and seems to be fulfilling on these terms quite perfectly too. If you are going to develop a new merchandise oriented website and worried about not having the proper scalability for your site as your business progresses, then FastComet should be your priority. 

As far as storage is concerned, it provides SSD-only cloud hosting regardless of the hosting type you choose. Whether you are going to pick shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers, all of them are backed by SSD cloud infrastructure, capable of delivering up to 300% faster files and database access. That said, your application or website would never face speed issues due to traffic spikes. 

Unlike Cloudways, FastComet offers cloud hosting, dedicated servers, VPS servers, Shared hosting, and domain name registration. Plus, users can also subscribe to CMS-based cloud packages for WordPress, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento. In other words, it is an all-in-one platform for all range of users. Similar to the Competitor host, they assist you through various channels. Because the entire hosting architecture is cloud-powered so you can pick the most suitable product that fits perfect for your needs.

Confused to decide which plan will be perfect for you? No worries, you can start your site or project with a smaller plan and scale up later as it doesn’t require data migration to upgrade resources. FastComet equips businesses with an edge of scaling up and down between not only storage but bandwidth and other resource-oriented options.

The smallest shared package is exceptionally cost-effective, starting at $2.95 a month and featuring some of the coolest features for a small project/website. It allows a single hosted domain along with cPanel inclusion, 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, standard cache, 15GB SSD space, 25k monthly visits, and free domain transfer from your old registrar to their platform. In addition to that, free website migration also included. You also get free SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt and free CDN from CloudFlare too. 

Each shared account comes with daily backups. Right from the cPanel dashboard, users can install CMS software like WordPress with a one-click installer. We recommend choosing higher plans for enhanced performance as they are packed with advanced cache, more RAM and CPU cores, and Rocket Booster.

Individuals and brands preferring to have a private cloud server can select FastComet’s Cloud VPS, which starts from $47.95/month, allowing 2.5GHz CPU Core, 2GB ECC Ram, 50GB SSD storage, and 2TB bandwidth. It will enable you to host unlimited apps and sites. The provider has enough data center locations to choose from – 11 locations worldwide and 200 Global CDN Anycast network access points.

Some of you might be thinking that for a cheap and recently debuted web hosting company like Fastcomet, they wouldn’t have any dedicated customer support, right? Of course, you would get any time customer support to cover all your troubleshooting and installation necessities. If you feel like you need help with something, then all you have to do is reach out to the support and rest assured your issue would be taken care of right away. 

Fastcomet presents its users with SSD oriented storage with cPanel adoption at no extra cost, which would help you to better manage all your digital assets at the same given time. Always available customer care service includes in all packages at affordable pricing tag, which makes FastComet a better alternative to Cloudways for bloggers, webmasters, and individuals.

Prominent Features:

  • In-depth step by step tutorials
  • 450+ one-click apps marketplace
  • All-cloud backed platform
  • Free domain and data migration
  • In-house instant support
  • 20+ frameworks and dev tools
  • Daily and weekly backups

12. Akamai (Linode)

Linode cloud servers

There are not plenty of options available in the market that offers cloud computing at relatively cost effective prices. If you have been finding for a cheap cloud provider, then you’ve come to the right place because Linode can make that happen for you. 

The company started its operation in 2003 and is the most suitable option for all kinds of people, whether bloggers, developers, governments, individuals, programmers as well as designers of all sorts. Linode is an independent yet largest cloud alternative to Cloudways, empowering more than 800k customers worldwide and has 11 global data centers.

As you know, Cloudways doesn’t own any cloud infrastructure compared to Linode, which has its own data centers giving it a significant edge over the competitor. Linode serves not only the robust computing services powered by next-generation hardware, modern networking approach, advanced API, and an extensive list of developer features but also ultimate scalability. It enables you to deploy, build, customize, and scale up your cloud instance easily, thanks to an intuitive panel. 

Like Cloudways, Linode provides users with an integrated dashboard that helps control various features and manage all aspects of your server. All the data would be presented in both geographical and numeric form. So you would not have a hard time getting through to things done in the manner of a single click. 

Another vital feature provided by Linode is cloning, allowing developers to duplicate copies of any cloud machine. It enables you to clone up projects, sites, and apps in a matter of seconds so that you can apply the same configs to other servers. Their custom-made cloud manager is built carefully to install any Linux-based configuration, such as Arch Linux, CoreOS, Ubuntu, Slackware, etc., in a few clicks.

The backbone of Linode cloud architecture is the combination of Intel processors, solid state drives, NGN, on-the-go scalability, and a 40GB networking facility with a promise of 99.9% uptime. They have up to 11 globally located server locations in London, Frankfurt, Atlanta, Dallas, Newark, Toronto, Fremont, Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. That said, you can start with the nearest data center located to your audience hence get blazing-fast speed.

Linode offers a multitude of different products such as Shared Cloud Compute, Dedicated CPU VMs, High Memory VMs, GPU VMs, Block Storage, Object Storage, Backups, and professional management services. Similar to Cloudways, they also offer NodeBalancers as an add-on product. 

A shared cloud plan priced at $5/month packed with 1GB Ram, 1 Core, 25GB space, and 1TB data transfer with 40Gbps Network In and 1000Mbps Network Out speed. You can go for up to 192GB Ram, 32 CPU Cores, 3840GB SSD space, and 20TB bandwidth to run high-processing applications.

Prominent Features:

  • One of the largest independent cloud providers
  • A variety of products for all kinds of tasks
  • Completely open cloud yields seamless operations
  • Free DDoS protection + 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Powerful API access designed for developers
  • 1-click apps deploying
  • Anytime support via email and phone
  • 7-Days to try Linode risk free

Summing It Up

We have put together some reliable brands to help you get reliable, scalable, secure, and performance optimized cloud hosting. Almost all the above-reviewed cloud providers pack everything to launch your desired server, capable of handling all kinds of tasks. Whether it’s an app, development environment, production, or a website, they got you covered.

What we recommend to all users is Kamatera – an excellent Cloudways alternative for all (almost) purposes.


Their data centers utilize the fastest SSDs, next-gen Intel processors, 40 Gbit/sec networking, and coverage across 4 continents in 13 locations, making it possible to host your data near the target audience. Plus, it guarantees maximum service availability, performance, and uptime of 99.95%.

More than 100 OS templates are available to install (Linux, Windows, etc.), so you can pick between dozens of options or deploy a custom OS. Webmasters or bloggers can install WordPress as well, in a few clicks. The cloud management panel is super simple to use, concedes easy scalability when needed, and well-designed. With all these features, you also get premium 24/7 support via chat, email, or call. On top of that, you can get started with a 30-day free trial account.

Vultr is our runner-up choice: it offers affordable cloud solutions backed by 17 global locations, under 60-second cloud instance deployment with one click, robust API, and dev tools. They use SSDs to store data and Intel processors to deliver unmatchable performance no matter where your visitors are.

If you’re looking for cloud hosting with cPanel for creating a website, then we highly recommend HostGator Cloud for a couple of reasons. HostGator brings the power of cloud technology with cPanel resulting in 2x page loading speed and higher uptime. We independently tested their cloud plans and were impressed by the output. Furthermore, each cloud plan features free SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited space, advanced caching, free domain registration for the first year, quick scalability, and an insightful statistics dashboard.

Clear enough, right? We hope now you’ll be able to pick the most suitable Cloudways alternative for your needs.

If you need further help, let us know.

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