15 Best NVMe Hosting Providers 2024

We tirelessly compared dozens of NVMe web hosts to bring forth the best NVMe hosting providers that offer excellent money value services, high page load speed, ultimate uptime, and all essential features in one bucket. No doubt, a fast web hosting server improves the website performance drastically, thus ensures a great user experience and leads to high conversions. However, building your site on an SSD server, especially NVMe SSD hosting, can even enhance the performance to a great extent.

As an e-commerce website owner, an expert blogger, or simply a web designer, your success is measured in terms of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and the flourishing of your business through the website solely rely on your site’s performance.

The performance of your website is directly proportional to the storage technology deployed by the web hosting company and its servers. This is primarily why web hosting platforms are in a quest to find better storage technologies to enhance their services. Better services will ensure robust web hosting services and hence excellent speed for the hosted websites.

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology is presently making waves in the web hosting market. NVMe is a storage protocol dedicated to flash and solid state devices (SSDs). As compared to conventional hard disk drives, it allows better data transfer rates and speed.

Being relatively a newer storage technology, NVMe adequately bridges the gaps left by traditional storage devices. When NVMe disks are used for web hosting servers to save the data, it’s usually categorized or called NVMe hosting.

At the time of writing, most web hosting companies use SSDs and rely on the Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA). Prior to this, SSDs relied on Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). If leveling up from HDDs to SATA was one step ahead, the switch to NVMe is literally like jumping several steps ahead. The NVMe hosting is a hundredfold better and faster than both HDDs and SSDs with SATA connections.

SSDs, as well as NVMe, are both non-volatile memory protocols. This means that they have the ability to retain data even in case of power disruption. However, volatile memory protocols are devoid of this feature; power disruption and disconnection only mean data loss.

Now, keeping in mind that both SSDs and NVMe web hosting use non-volatile memory protocols, what makes one better than the other? Both SSDs and NVMe are solid-state storage devices; however, NVMe being an Express protocol makes use of a better hardware interface that offers unmatched speed and reliability. In short, SSDs with SATA interface are now a thing of the past and NVMe hosting is the new next-generation express interface.

Our Recommended Top NVMe SSD Hosting

InMotionHosting (70% OFF) – For 20x faster NVMe cpanel hosting, free backups, unlimited storage, and unlimited hosted sites

A2Hosting (66% OFF) – For Guru support services, Turbo NVMe SSD servers, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and free migration

KnownHost – For managed and unmanaged NVMe VPS hosting

Vultr – For state-of-the-art cloud NVMe servers with custom control panel

InMotionHosting – For NVMe dedicated hosting servers for large-scale projects

Contabo VDS – For semi-dedicated servers powered by NVMe storage at affordable prices

The Benefits of NVMe Hosting

Being the next-generation hosting protocol, NVMe web hosting offers a plethora of benefits. Some of which are mentioned below:

Accelerated Speed

Perhaps the most promising feature of an NVMe hosting server is the accelerated speed and hence better performance. This is primarily because of the higher input-output processing. In comparison, the I/O processing speed offered by early generation storage drives lies between 150Mbps to 600Mbps throughput. On the other hand, NVMe SSD storage protocol through its PCIe interface offers upto 32Gbps throughput. Plus, NVMe storage devices are directly installed on a PCIe socket, so it transfers the data more than 25x than the same SATA equivalent.

Hassle Free Scaling

The NVMe technology relies on PCIe lanes which allow scalability better than the conventional controller interface. The scalability is such that NVMe SSD storage utilizes 4 PCIe lanes but can potentially use all 16 PCIe lanes if required for higher IOPS.

Green Technology

NVMe is much more energy-efficient and consumes way less power than previous storage generations because of no mechanical movements. That’s why NVMe hosting makes it much greener in comparison to traditional technologies. The low power mode significantly reduces power consumption. In fact, it has the potential to bring down power costs by 97%, making NVMe cost-effective too.

Reduced Risk of Server Bottlenecks

Websites often crash when too many users access the website at the same instant. The overload on system storage capacity leads to a server bottleneck where servers are choked and that’s when the websites tend to load slower or not load at all. It can be a frustrating experience for most users as well as a higher bounce rate. The use of NVMe SSD storage eliminates the risk of server bottlenecks due to its better queuing technology. NVMe drives can handle upto 64k command queues and upto 100k IOPS.

Better Aid for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML systems require more processing power and speed as well as lower latency. That is why NVMe hosting servers are the best option for running AI and ML-based operations. With as low as 2.8 microseconds of latency and lower CPU cycles, NVMe drives can handle mass processing with faster response time like a champ.

Better User Experience

A better response time through the use of NVMe SSD will ensure that users thoroughly enjoy their experience on the website. Since NVMe SSD hosting retrieves the data faster so your site’s users wouldn’t have to wait longer to load a single web page, every page would load under milliseconds.

NVMe hosting advantages

15 Best NVMe Hosting Services

InMotionHosting – Overall Recommended

NVMe storage is a new technology and expensive too, so when selecting the best NVMe hosting for your blog or projects, the price point should not be your primary area of focus. Instead, fast performance and security must be your sole focus. What good would an easy on-pocket service do if it fails to deliver all that it initially promised? This is why you should consider InMotionHosting for your web hosting needs.

InMotionHosting is a renowned platform for web solutions that also made its presence in our list of best web hosting services as well as the cheapest Linux VPS providers. For several years now, InMotion has been the top choice for web services regardless of customer requirements. All due credit to their reliable and quality assured servers built with cutting-edge hardware and updated softwares.

Ensuring fast loading is the primary goal of every host. This is why meticulous research is involved in the process of finalizing a hosting platform for one’s website. An ample NVMe SSD storage and a closely located data center are some of the key factors in ensuring a quickly loading site. For this purpose, InMotion concedes data center location and hence allows accelerating the loading speed of your site.

As you already know, SSD drives are fast, which plays an additive role in accelerating loading speed. Even faster than traditional SSD is the NVMe which allows over 10 to 20 times more read/write rate for rendering the site’s content. Besides regular SSD powered shared hosting, InMotion also offers NVMe dedicated server plans to cater to even faster services for your online properties, which are only suitable for enterprises and large businesses – from the price point.

Luckily, InMotion lately introduced NVMe SSDs for all shared hosting servers except for the entry plan Core. At the starting price of $4.99/month (Launch plan), you’ll get to host unlimited sites, bandwidth, data storage and create as many email accounts as you wish. It also yields a free domain name and SSLs along with 6x UltraStack speed with accelerated performance. There are no limitations for the number of parked domains, sub-domains, and database sizes. Their Power and Pro packages bring even faster speeds you could imagine for.

The regular SSD hosting plan (Core) starts as low as $2.29 a month and comes with 10 email accounts, 2 hosted domains, and 100GB storage space as well as unmetered monthly data transfer and free backups. The Boldgrid website builder and SSL certificate also come for free. There are plenty of other freebies that come in all packages, such as SSH access, 20x speeds, compatibility with various languages, 400+ one-click applications, free zero downtime migration, 2x to 20x performance depending on your plan, and much more.

InMotion understands the requirement of security and deems security an essential component to consider before setting up your server. Whether it is yours or your customers, data is extremely precious and must be protected at all costs, so they include free SSL certificates for all. A free SSL certificate is a big deal since most web hosting services charge over $20 to $200+ per year. Furthermore, poor security due to the absence of an SSL certificate can be detrimental to your organic ranking as search engines tend to give less weight to sites lacking HTTPS protocol.

Their fully loaded NVMe hosting for dedicated servers starts at $439.99/month with Intel Xeon 12 CPU Cores, 128GB ECC DDR4 RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD m.2, 15 free IPs, and a massive 25TB bandwidth. It also includes RAID1 software, 100GB free backup storage, DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM, remote KVM, and multi-layer security protocols.

In an industry where all competitors offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days or less, InMotion takes the lead with their 90 days extended refund guarantee for shared, VPS, and reseller packages. Dedicated servers and all monthly based services are covered by a 30-day refund policy.

A2Hosting – Best Budget NVMe Hosting Provider

A2Hosting has been in the web hosting business for over two decades now. Through their reliable services and quick speed, it has consistently earned the trust of the users. A2Hosting has catered to customers with all sorts of web hosting needs and requirements. It offers plenty of options for WordPress optimized hosting, shared SSD plans, VPS, reseller, as well as dedicated hosting. All plans are reasonably priced and start at rates as low as $2.49 a month.

The most recent introduction by A2Hosting is their NVMe storage plan. NVMe web hosting is much quicker than standard SSD servers. For a hosting company that offers 20x faster speed than its counterparts with a typical SSD connection, one can only imagine what potential NVMe hosting possesses.

The Turbo Boost package by A2Hosting with unlimited NVMe storage begins at as low as $5.99 a month, which is a steal compared to the offered services. With the promise of better speeds and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it is literally the perfect choice of every web hosting individual’s dreams. Not just that, their support team is also excellent and lives up to their claims of providing support in less than 10 seconds.

The advanced security features with NVMe storage make it an ideal hosting plan. In addition, all packages come with HackScan, DDoS protection, Brute force defense, and dual firewalls. All these features, along with a free SSL certificate, guarantee top-notch security for your site.

Other attractive features for choosing A2Hosting include:

  • Free and easy site migration as well as free automatic backups
  • Unlimited hosted domains
  • A free website builder option
  • Unlimited email accounts and data transfer
  • cPanel control panel
  • 40% faster AMD CPUs

The turbo features ensure higher SEO ranking and lower bounce rating. The NVMe technology ensures a 3x quicker read/write speed, 20x speedy page loading, and 9x better traffic handling abilities. The performance optimization tools also add to the appeal. A2Hosting is probably one of the most reliable and fastest hosting services in the entire web hosting industry.

Doesn’t this make A2Hosting sound like the most trustworthy company for hosting your websites on NVMe hosting? Plus, the anytime money-back guarantee is the icing on the cake.

They have been consistent in providing top-notch services and have won plenty of awards that prove their credibility further. However, the customer’s voice is the most reliable indicator of any company’s success. Their clients have been nothing except all praises for the web solutions offered as a part of both NVMe and SSD packages.


KnownHost is a worthy choice for anyone seeking affordable NVMe VPS hosting services. Why wouldn’t it be? KnownHost has made a pretty decent name for itself due to impeccable performance versus price ratio. It has been in the business for a little less than two decades and managed to earn a solid reputation among its user base. This is precisely why KnownHost customers are present in more than 150 countries all over the world.

The network infrastructure and dedicated support team are sources of immense pride for the company. Their staunch belief in their services and infrastructure is that they do not intend to invest in grand marketing schemes and tactics. Despite being better than plenty of other web hosting platforms, KnownHost is rather not so popular, and many of you might hear the name for the first time. However, the customers KnownHost has acquired with years of hard work and investment are nothing but all applause their services.

There are plenty of factors to be considered before choosing a web hosting service for your needs. However, the three key factors are uptime, performance, and support. These features can make or break your website, so KnowHost has been a grave emphasis on all three. They extensively pay attention to these factors and have gained a reputation for themselves by being consistent in all areas.

They assure an ideal uptime of 99.9% and these aren’t false claims. In addition, rigorous testing has proved that KnownHost is consistent at ensuring eligibility at all times.

Just as important as uptime is the website’s performance, it is essentially the loading time of your site. Users believe that poor performance stems from the poor speed of the site. Who are we kidding? We are all internet users and are fully aware that there are few things on earth as tortuous as a slow page loading.

So what other option do users have other than abandoning sluggish websites? Being fully aware of this issue, KnownHost ensures lightning-fast speed as it takes servers less than 0.3 seconds to respond and about 1.38 seconds to fully load a web page if optimized properly.

Besides playing a vital role in overall site performance, your site speed also impacts search engine rankings. A speedy site ensures better SEO, higher conversion rates, and a lower bounce rate. All this automatically works in favor of your business, thanks to the use of NVMe storage, advanced CPUs, and enterprise-grade hardware utilization.

Everyone knows that NVMe SSD hosting boosts the performance of like none other. The speed offered by NVMe is incomparable to all former SSD storage options. Keeping this in mind and being fully consistent and determined at providing excellent services, KnownHost offers plenty of NVMe VPS packages. Starting from its entry level package priced at $12 per month to an extreme level package at $192 per month, they cater to the needs of everyone. Not just that, all NVMe VPS packages come with several complimentary services.

KnownHost also offers fully managed hosting plans backed by NVMe storage at the starting price of $44 per month. A fully managed VPS server can make your life easier than you had ever imagined. As a business owner, a designer, or anyone whose work depends on web traffic, one would often worry about the smooth functioning of your website.

The issue is so ominous that it has the potential to make you lose your sleep. However, opting for managed NVMe VPS will ease you out of your worries. When KnownHost would cater to even the tiniest bit of details, you definitely would not have to bother about even the slightest bit.

Among the many benefits of using KnownHost, a few include an advanced backup system, a strong security setup owing to the DDoS protection, free DirectAdmin license, free domain name, and an instant website setup and migration.

Overall, choosing KnownHost for your NVMe web hosting needs can be a pretty wise decision, especially if you are on a quest for a hosting service for high performance and high-traffic website. The service record of KnownHost has proved its determination and consistency over and over again. Keep in mind, NVMe storage is available for VPS and AMD Ryzen dedicated servers only. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all VPS server packages too.

Vultr – Cheap NVMe Hosting on Clouds

Compared to many other NVMe hosts we have reviewed, Vultr is fairly a new cloud computing company that offers all its services through cloud networks. It was established in 2014, presently managing 17 data centers and several servers throughout the globe. They have launched over 40 million virtual servers for more than 200k customers all around the world till today.

When we talk about Vultr in terms of speed and performance, it has been known to perform excellently. All rigorous testing standards have only endorsed the claims of Vultr regarding the level of services they tend to offer. All thanks to 17 strategically located data centers, solid state drives, enterprise-grade hardware, 100% Intel CPUs, and redundant network connectivity.

Vultr is extremely inexpensive from the pricing side as the latest generation NVMe packages almost costs similar to the SSD storage. The high frequency compute servers boast an NVMe storage interface, API access, Infinite OS selection, and modern 3+ GHz Intel processors.

An entry high frequency instance brings the power of 32GB of NVMe SSD storage, 1 CPU, 1GB Ram, and 1TB bandwidth at just $6/month or $0.09 per hour. There are further eight plans available besides this one. The highest cloud computing package consists of 48GB Ram, 12 CPU Cores, 768GB SSD space, and 8TB bandwidth for $256/mo.

Every user prefers their desired operating system that gives them ease and comfort for managing the server. Vultr understands this and lets you choose from numerous operating systems like CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows. They also allow uploading a custom ISO of one’s own choice. Now isn’t this what we call customer winning behavior?

Along with this, each cloud server includes one click installation for popular web applications such as WordPress, cPanel, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, MediaWiki, and PrestaShop – making the life of users a thousand folds easier. The overall user interface takes not more than a few minutes to get familiar with. They don’t capture you in long term contracts; instead, you are billed monthly or hourly basis.

The only downside is that Vultr has a no refund policy, this can be a turn-off for those who are still in the phase of exploring their services. However, they do offer $100 free credits through our link to give them a try. We’ve tested Vultr cloud servers against performance, speed, and reliability and are confident enough to say that it worths each penny spent.

Contabo – Virtual Dedicated NVMe Web Hosting

Founded in 2003, Contabo GmbH is a Germany-based web hosting company that goes by the notion that “Customer is King”. Hence, they dedicate a lot of time and energy to ensuring every customer gets the best support services no matter how much they spend. The web host has data center coverage in 5 regions and maintaining a total of 8 locations where 3 in the USA, one in EU, and one in Asia.

Now how would a client feel like a king? Definitely when all the customer’s likes and dislikes are adequately taken care of along with receiving all that they expect. If all this is taken care of without the customer having to ask for it, the customer will truly feel like a King.

The Virtual Dedicated Service (VDS) offered by Contabo makes 100% use of NVMe storage. VDS combines the power of VPS and dedicated servers to provide the most solid expedient services. It is utterly impossible to deliver remarkable speed without using cutting-edge technologies, especially NVMe and the latest processors. The incorporation of NVMe SSD storage manufactured by leading brands ensures spectacular performance along with a high input-output processing rate.

The VDS plans start as low as $49.99 a month (VDS S) and go up to $119.99 a month (VDS XL) for high-end specifications. It is a phenomenal price for this kind of service. Not only that, but it also allows the expansion of the allocated storage by the addition of two storage disks. These NVMe VDS servers ensure optimum performance with on-the-go scalability regarding storage, bandwidth, IPv4 addresses, and backup space.

There are four virtual dedicated server options available that offer the following configurations; 180GB to 480GB NVMe SSD, Ram from 24GB to 64GB, and 3 physical CPU cores to 8 cores. Contabo dedicated hosting servers can also be configured with NVMe along with HDDs. However, it costs a lot of money, plus you cannot choose NVMe for booting purposes.

From a price point, Contabo is not that affordable for small businesses as well as large ones to some extent. But we still believe that the features include with each VDS justifies the pricing because you’re going to get VNC access, IPv4/IPv6 compatibility, rip-roaring AMD CPUs, no extra fees for traffic, extensive bandwidth, ability to host virtual machines, and much more. Furthermore, they adequately secure your data with DDoS protection and SSL certificates.

Contabo offers you to choose the operating system of your choice from a plethora of options such as Microsoft Windows, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, ArchLinux, and Fedora, among many others. And plenty of other services that worth a mention here includes on-demand extra domains, additional IPs, and a personalized control panel. In addition, the users can install cPanel, LAMP, Plesk, Proxmox, or Webmin control panel for easy server management.

Presently there is no live chat support which is a major downside, but you can contact via call and email support at any time. Another con is no money back guarantee. Other than these, Contabo is a decent hosting platform with reasonable pricing, sterling features, and acceptable uptime. You must consider Contabo VDS if you are looking for the best NVMe hosting on dedicated servers for your growing business.


RoseHosting has been providing web hosting services from its US based data center for over two decades now, founded in 2001. The VPS and SSD hosting services offered by RoseHosting are considered one of the best among all competitors when it comes to reliability and stability.

They take immense pride in claiming that it was the first and only web host to offer Linux virtual servers as early as 2001, giving them the status of pioneers in the industry. Presently, RoseHosting has lived up to its former glory. As a web hosting company, it continues to provide exceptional services today as well.

Plenty of cheap hosting services have mastered the art of advertising themselves as being affordable yet the best in business. Unfortunately, in such circumstances, deciding the best service among the several available options can be a pretty daunting task. RoseHosting offers a good variety of NVMe hosting packages for all types of servers. There are about 8 NVMe hosting packages presently being offered by the company, plus all shared hosting plans are also powered by NVMe storage.

The NVMe web hosting provided by the vendor is at least 10X faster than the traditional SSD web hosting. RoseHosting claims to combine the highest disk speed, technical support, and infrastructure to deliver the best NVMe hosting services out there.

All NVMe plans include extremely fast paced input-output, free white glove data migration, full root access, free weekly backups, firewall security and hardening, free SSL certificate, guaranteed uptime of 99.99% as well as excellent support experts.

The utilization from 1 CPU to about 12 CPU cores and non-volatile disk storage from 25 GB to over 400 GB allows almost all range of businesses to deploy their projects effortlessly – NVMe SSD plans have the potential to benefit all users regardless of their individualistic requirements. The starting price of an entry NVMe server is $32.95 per month; it packs 1 GB of Ram, 25 GB storage, 1 CPU, and 2 TB bandwidth. Along with that, there are plenty of discount deals available at almost all times.

Their SSD NVMe shared hosting consists of 4 different packages, starting as low as $7.15/month for an entry account and $24.95/month for high-end tasks. The basic server delivers the power of 4GB NVMe space, 300GB bandwidth, 50 email accounts, 1 hosted domain, and 50 FTP hosting accounts for remote access. It also includes free cPanel, Litespeed web server, free softaculous for easy script installation (upto 439 scripts) like WordPress, Magento, and 2 MySQL databases.

However, despite being one of the best players in the web hosting game, RoseHosting is a bit expensive service and is not aimed at catering to everyone. A 7-day refund guarantee, however, allows users to get the gist of it before they intend to invest in such a heavily priced service fully.

Hetzner – Cheapest NVMe Hosting Services

Hetzner is also a german-based web hosting provider that has been in business since the year 1997. Hetzner has all the features and offers expected from a hosting platform. However, much of its services are only popular in its home country Germany, even though Hetzner does not operate in the German language but only in English.

If you are an environmental enthusiast, Hetzner is one of the few companies that share the same conservation sentiments towards the environment. They are ardent advocates of green energy. All their data centers operate on a lean design and use minimal physical space and power to ensure efficiency.

The best part is that Hetzner is the cheapest NVMe hosting service reviewed in our list; even their shared hosting plans are NVMe backed. All other hosting types offered by the host are also powered by NVMe drives. A total of nine types of hosting services are being served by Hetzner along with domain registration and security tools. 

There are various attractive features included in shared packages at unbelievably lower rates. The first one, as mentioned before, is an excellent economical price point. Despite being the cheapest shared and cloud NVMe hosting provider, they bring an exceptional price-value ratio.

Secondly, the user interface is also beginner-friendly and easy to use. The graphical control panel is relatively easy to navigate for both new and experienced users. Their hosting framework entirely relies on NVMe SSDs and HDDs, so unmatched performance is guaranteed. Although it’s a Linux based system, however, the OS can be customized depending on user preferences. The bandwidth offered is impressive, even the smallest shared NVMe plan yields unlimited bandwidth, which is beyond industry standards.

A Level-1 shared NVMe web hosting server priced at €1.60/month (almost $1.89) includes unmetered data transfer, 10GB space, 50 sub-domains, 10 FTP users, two weak backup periods, and free SSL encryption. All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, 99.9% network availability, real-time server monitoring, DDoS security, and a virus scanner. Shared servers are also highly scalable which means even if you start small, you always have the opportunity to upgrade later.

If you’re someone looking for something more advanced, then try Hetzner cloud server hosting; they have up to 10 pre-made cloud packages. The CX11 costs €2.49/mo for 1 vCPU, 2GB Ram, 20GB NVMe space, and 20TB monthly bandwidth with the option to choose between 2 data centers (Germany and Finland). The most powerful CPX51 cloud packs 16 vCPU, 32GB Ram, 360GB storage, and 20TB data transfer.

The only downside of using Hetzner is poor customer support and the lack of a refund and trial policy, which can drive away customers.


Living in an age when there are more web hosting platforms than one can count on their fingers only means that settling for anything less than the best is foolish. This is why extreme care needs to be taken before finally deciding on one. Our indepth research has proven that AccuWebHosting is one of the reliable NVME hosts out there in the industry. The abundant five-star customer reviews have further endorsed this verdict.

A hosting service based in the USA, AccuWebHosting has been around since 2003, serving the customers through its thirteen global data centers. They have solutions for all types of hosting needs, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers as well as plenty of other types of hosting. They are also recommended and endorsed by Microsoft, which clearly indicates the reliability and top-notch services. From a starter shared sever to an advanced dedicated server, AccuWebHosting got you covered through a broad range of hosting plans.

In the world of web hosting, performance is what makes you rule. The performance is almost solely dependent upon the speed and server uptime, both these factors can be controlled by the provider. AccuWebHosting rejects the notion of settling for anything less than the finest. The best part is that SSDs back all servers; even shared servers also come with solid state storage to deliver the ultimate performance. However, NVMe disks are only available with dedicated servers.

Downtime is something no website can afford as it has the potential to drive away potential buyers/visitors. AccuWebHosting ensures the highest possible uptime, but our monitoring shows a solid 100% uptime for some months. As we are discussing the best NVMe SSD hosting services, so the speed is also not a matter of seconds but rather milliseconds. AccuWebHosting has already introduced dedicated server NVMe hosting along with its ordinary SSD hosting offerings.

NVMe is the futuristic storage medium and sooner or later, all web hosting companies would have to shift to this interface. All this because speed is becoming the ultimate measure of success. If you’re a kind of online business that can’t afford to lose a single customer, then you should host your business on NVMe backed servers.

AccuWebHosting has several years of experience in the field which has helped them devise an abundance of plans. There are plenty of hosting packages available at extremely reasonable prices which have been a source of their ever growing customer base. Being affordable in no way means that they compromise the quality of infrastructure and services offered. It only means that AccuWebHosting believes in making everything easier for its users by providing them with the best of services at the most nominal rates possible.

Moreover, a one-week money-back guarantee for all VPS and a 30 day for all other plans make it an exceptional service. Hence, AccuWebHosting is the perfect solution for all your NVMe web hosting needs. It adequately addresses all requirements and even allows customization based on your set of personal preferences.


With over 15 data centers located in 5 continents across the globe, VPSServer has consistently provided quality to its customer base. It operates on the latest infrastructure and has garnered the trust of over 50,000 customers around the world. VPSServer specializes in VPS hosting which owing to the newest technology, runs on NVMe SSD drives. The use of the latest hardware imparts VPSServer’s cutting edge speed in comparison to its competitors. Furthermore, it also facilitates an excellent I/O rate as well as a higher uptime of over 99.99 percent.

VPSServer supports over a hundred operating system choices, which include Ubuntu, CentOS 7, Arch Linux, and Debian. All these OS can be installed on your desired cloud VPS with a single click in under 55 seconds. Plus, their servers support native IPv6 by default and free too. Unlike other services, they offer not only competitive prices but also attractive discounts to lure potential users and facilitate existing ones.

The lack of a money back guarantee is a bit counterproductive for the reputation of VPSServer, however, they compensate a free 7 days trial. Furthermore, the regular live backups feature proves excellent in preserving precious data. This also eliminates the possibility of downtimes encountered during data backup. So live and on-demand backups are allowed to ensure ultimate data protection against any unplanned incident. It is dead simple to create copies of your data and restore within minutes through the intuitive control panel.

VPSServer acknowledges the importance of security and hence offers DDoS protection and a Firewall with every server. However, the absence of a free SSL certificate is pretty disheartening. This means that the users would eventually have to separately invest in an SSL certificate that would increase the hosting cost.

The entire infrastructure is built with Intel processors, a 3-way NVMe storage interface, and updated softwares for running your applications at a faster pace. Their dedicated NVMe hosting solutions are highly capable of managing desktop virtualization, cloud computing, web based apps, heavy workloads, and databases.

You can select between standard, memory optimized, and CPU optimized servers depending on your needs. A standard entry NVMe VPS server comprises 1GB Ram, 1 CPU Core, 10GB NVMe SSD, and 500GB bandwidth at the cost of $2.99/month – suitable for small to starter applications. A high-end virtual machine in the same category costs $899.99/month with the following resources; 192GB memory, 32 Cores, 4800GB space, and 12TB data transfer. CPU and Memory optimized packages are expensive, only suitable for power hungry workloads.

Overall, VPSServer provides pretty decent NVMe SSD-backed plans for all kinds of businesses.


GoDaddy is an all-in-one place for web solutions, literally as old as the idea of web hosting. Founded in 1997, GoDaddy has over 82 million registered domains and 20+ million customers worldwide. At present, GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar in the world.

From VPS to shared hosting to dedicated servers, GoDaddy is a one-stop solution for all your hosting requirements. It offers full spectrum services to fulfill the needs of almost all types of users. Along with a complete suite of hosting solutions, they also cater to WordPress optimization and website building services.

Users on the internet cannot stop raving about how good the services offered by GoDaddy are. The unlimited traffic, uninterrupted uptime, and advanced security features have earned them the hearts of thousands of customers like none other. The pricing point is also economical and easy on the pocket. Their shared hosting starts at $5.99/month, VPS at $4.99/month, HDD dedicated server at $129.99/month, and NVMe dedicated server at $139.99/month with 25x faster speed. NVMe storage only comes with GoDaddy’s SSD NVMe dedicated hosting.

Securing the data and information entered onto your website is essential. It is not only crucial to winning the customer’s trust but also to comply with the search engine guidelines; this is why GoDaddy addresses all security related concerns. DDoS protection, Firewalls, and free SSL certificates are all provided as freebies.

Plus, Plenty of services that are otherwise premium and require payment come for free. A free domain name, website builder, 150+ one-click apps installation feature, free website migration, cPanel/WHM, and on-demand scalability are a few of the many magnificent features. Keep in mind, these features vary depending on the nature of your hosting package/type.

A good web host delivers run-the-clock customer support since the internet never goes to sleep. GoDaddy offers 24/7 live chat and phone support along with a massive knowledge base. The knowledge base section contains numerous guides, blogs, and video tutorials to help DIY users. Now isn’t that a way to win the hearts of clients?

GoDaddy has always claimed to be a web hosting service for all. This means that no matter how big or small a website you want to host, GoDaddy can adequately cater to all your demands. It is especially ideal for small business owners and beginners. However, lately, the development of advanced hosting solutions for VPS hosting and dedicated servers has been a game changer. Up to 8 TB of storage and the ability to upgrade to even faster 1TB NVMe storage has been a remarkable development.

Among the few downsides, the renewal cost being higher than the initial cost is the one that bothers most users. One can also argue that GoDaddy has never marketed itself as being a cheap service, so the high renewal cost does not come as a surprise. Another downside is that the 30 days money back guarantee only works for annual plans. For anything less than that, the refund policy is only valid for 48 hours. Nevertheless, GoDaddy has managed to keep the users considerably satisfied.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned onlooker for web hosting services, GoDaddy will adequately fulfill all your demands and offer great value for your hard-earned money.


Once you decide to choose a web host for yourself, every hosting company you stumble upon claims to be the best in business. If there are so many self-proclaimed best services, how do you decide which one is really the best? The best bet is to rely on customer reviews to uncover this mystery. HostWorld.uk is truly a five-star service if we rely on customer support.

Low cost and powerful NVMe SSD VPS servers are what HostWorld is marketed for. They are a UK-based provider that extends their services to both the UK and the USA. They utilize traditional SSDs for almost all its servers and NVMe SSD VPS for Linux and Windows OS. That said, besides shared and Windows hosting, all other services are empowered by the latest NVMe interface. These NVMe drives are paired with high-tech hardware to deliver both excellent performance as well as reliability.

HostWorld employs all three storage types; HDD, SSD, and NVMe which means depending on your budget you can experience changes in speed. With HDD being the slowest and NVMe being the fastest among the three, it solely depends on the nature of your required environment to decide which one to choose. Plus, how much you’re willing to spend on your server since HDD hosting costs less while NVMe SSD server costs more.

You can pick from 7 different NVMe VPS storage plans, all priced reasonably. Each VPS comes with IPv6 IP address compatibility, custom ISO installation, pre-installed control panel, and 1GBps uplink. KVM is the virtualization technology being used which is one of the top resource isolation solutions.

HostWorld has established its stronghold in the internet hosting market through a friendly UI interface, excellent control, and affordable pricing. Apart from that, it strictly maintains the promised 99.9% uptime assuring maximum user satisfaction through their 17 global data centers.

Other worth mentioning features include DDoS protection, free backups, under 60 seconds activation, 24/7 guru support, Linux/Windows compatibility, and unlimited bandwidth, to name a few. Their support team is excellent at what they do and shows exceptional skills at addressing the customer’s complaints.


OVHCloud is a big name when we talk about web hosting companies based in French. Established in 1999, OVH is momentarily managing more than 1 million customers ranging from startups to enterprises. It has the largest data center in the world by surface area and is the biggest European hosting service.

With 32 data centers in 4 continents and 20 Tbit/s network capacity, OVHCloud happens to be the third largest hosting provider in terms of the number of data centers as well. In addition, OVH has up to 30 points of presence (PoP) and global infrastructure in 183 countries. Their services also happened to be used by WikiLeaks, which led to their popularity.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of OVHCloud has to be the ability to host multiple websites through a single hosting plan. For example, a “Personal” plan allows 5 hosted domains, a “Professional” plan allows up to ten hosted domains, and a “Performance” package concedes as many domains as you wish to host. Other attractive features include unlimited bandwidth, free backups, free SSL certificates, installation of content management systems, and a 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Formerly entirely dependent on HDDs storage, OVHCloud shifted to conventional SSDs pretty late. They recently introduced the NVMe VPS which means that the once slow disk drives now operate at the fastest rate possible by any means. The best part is that their VPS servers are not only cheap but also provide an exceptional combination of advanced features empowered by cutting-edge global data centers. 

All virtual private servers are built with next-generation Intel chipsets, NVMe SSDs, and redundant networking to deliver improved speed with a highly dedicated environment. Thanks to flexible architecture as it yields on-demand instant scalability, you can start with a small server and upgrade later for more resources. OVHCloud’s “Value VPS” is priced at $5.10/month for a 2-year commitment and $6 for a monthly based contract. It includes 1 vCore, 2GB memory, 40GB NVMe SSD space, and 250Mbps unmetered bandwidth.

Regardless of the plan, all VPS supports major operating systems, control panels, and OS with applications like Joomla, WordPress, Docker, Prestashop, etc. You can install Windows Servers 2016 and 2019, Archlinux, CentOS 7/8, Debian 9/10, Fedora 32/33/34, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04/20.10/21.04, cPanel, and Plesk. Each VPS also includes Anti-DDoS, KVM virtualization, root admin access, and API for remote access.

If you are looking for a cheap NVMe VPS hosting for multiple domains then look no further than OVHCloud as it offers some of the lowest priced services. Additionally, geolocated IPs, failover IPs, load balancers, external storage, and backups are also served as add-ons.


With over 20 years of experience, InterServer has won the trust of thousands of customers through its dedicated and consistent services. Several of their loyal customers have been nothing but praises regarding the services offered. With a whole lot of awards and positive customer reviews, InterServer is yet another best NVMe hosting provider that serves a wide range of web solutions.

Currently, InterServer offers VPS, cloud, shared, and a broad range of dedicated servers. However, they only provide NVMe storage with AMD Ryzen 3600X which comes under the dedicated hosting. AMD Ryzen 3600X is a beast of a chip that can efficiently handle large traffic websites, artificial intelligence tasks, machine learning processing, and other heavy-duty tasks. The server comes with 6 Cores, dual NVMe drives for 1TB storage along with a 20TB bandwidth and 64GB of Ram. With a total of 5 IP addresses, AMD Ryzen costs just $99/month.

With that kind of processing power, you can install any popular operating system such as Windows 2016/2012/2019/10 Pro/2016 and 2019 data center edition, CentOS 8, Ubuntu 20.04, VMWare ESXi, or FreeNAS. It also supports FreeBSD, RedHat Fedora, Cloud Linux, and Debian, etc. Most of these OSes are free. However, Windows OS & CloudLinux requires a license to operate, thus costs further. You can scale up IP addresses and bandwidth at additional charges.

Now the question arises, is InterServer really worth it? For that, we shall be exploring the benefits offered.

Speed is one of the most crucial factors while choosing the hosting platform for your site, right? With a solid average load time of under 700ms consistently, InterServer is strikingly reliable in terms of consistent loading speed (We are talking about their regular SSD plans, not AMD RYZEN, so you can imagine what you’ll get with that power monster).

InterServer customer support is exemplary; they assist the customers 24/7 and have earned a 92% satisfaction rate. Along with live chat support, there are plenty of other ways for quick help. An extensive knowledge base, phone support, ticketing, and email option are also equally supposed to aid the customer.

Enough said for NVMe servers, let’s put some light on their shared SSD hosting plans. Most hosting companies tend to charge their users for utilizing storage beyond a certain limit. InterServer, however, does not have such a gimmick. All shared hosting plans come with unlimited SSD storage, allowing you to share as much information on the site as you like. 

In present times, it is essential to have a good security setup to protect your website from malicious attacks. Setting up security protocols separately can be hefty on the pocket. InterServer takes care of the security setup at no extra fee.

The web host has in-house made InterShield security in place, a personalized system that protects against web attacks, scans for viruses, and sets up a firewall. Along with this, InterServer offers a free SSL certificate for all hosted sites. Other bonus features include:

  • Free email accounts setup.
  • A free site migration.
  • A free site builder.
  • An easy-to-use control panel.
  • A statistics dashboard.

They allow its users to experience and thoroughly test the hosting to check if they are satisfied or not. If the customer is not pleased with the services offered, they can ask for a refund within 30 days.


There are very rare web hosting companies exclusively built on NVMe SSDs storage, luckily, Fluant7 is one of them. NVMe interface is a new storage technology that is why it’s expensive and most providers charge high fees for such services. However, Flaunt7 is not only a fully NVMe based web host but also cheaper compared to many others. All plans offered by the company include non-volatile solid state storage.

Flaunt7 is a Netherlands-based NVMe hosting platform that has multiple data centers and servers in its home region. Being founded less than five years ago (in 2016), it has made tremendous progress and earned a solid reputation for itself, resulting in 3 awards and 10k served customers. Plus, many third party independent reviews websites also shared nice words about them.

They have different types of hosting plans to cater to a diverse range of users. Currently offering shared NVMe web hosting, reseller hosting, Linux NVMe hosting with cPanel, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress optimized hosting.

The shared NVMe server plans deliver accelerated speeds, unlimited space, unlimited hosted domains, and bandwidth at a nominal rate of $3.99 per month. This is an insanely lower price for such resources, especially with NVMe storage and infinite hosted domains. The price for shared Windows hosting is also the same ($3.99/mo). From a very basic plan, “StartUP” to “UltimatePro”, the prices go up to $137.99/month. The Ultimate Pro plan concedes access to 64GB of Ram, 10 CPU Cores @3.6Ghz cloaking speed, 2 million visits/mo, and a free domain name.

All shared packages include a cPanel control panel with CloudLinux to easily manage your files, DNS records, databases, SSL certificate, PHP settings, and all essential things. Flaunt7 utilizes Litespeed web servers which is 25 times faster than Apache. Their managed WordPress hosting starts at $3.99/mo, cloud VPS at $4.99/mo, and dedicated hosting at $99.99/mo – a reasonable price approach.

Remaining true to its name, Flaunt7 periodically flaunts its superior web hosting services. This is one of their rather successful marketing tactics and leads to increased popularity among existing and potential customers. Flaunt7, as a web host, spares no chance of upgrading hardware and investing in the best available technology. They also continually engage in ensuring the smooth functioning of existing hardware, ensuring seamless functioning of all hosted sites.

Your purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee which is incredibly reassuring for users. Their support team works round the clock to assist users via live chat, ticket, and email. To further bridge gaps, a vast knowledge base is resourced with major guides and tutorials.


RamNode is a specialized cloud VPS platform that only offers VM hosting services powered by cloud architecture. Stared in 2012, it is now a well known name despite less than a decade of experience. With ultimate bandwidth, lightning-fast hardware, tier-1 networking, custom firewalls, and multiple datacenters, RamNode is another top NVMe hosting provider. They have 5 data centers located in Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, and Netherlands to ensure global coverage with the lowest possible latency.

The standard services on RamNode are powered by an SSD storage interface which is incredibly faster than the formerly available HDD storage. The premium services offered by RamNode, on the other hand, are backed by NVMe to render blazing-fast speed. Both storage interfaces are fast, but you should optin for their NVMe VPS for unparalleled performance, excellent uptime, and accelerated data rendering.

Their services include VPS, VDS, Volumes storage, OpenVZ servers, Add-ons, and cPanel hosting. NVMe storage is only available with RamNode’s “Premium KVM VPS”. However, all other VPS also comes with SSDs except “Massive KVM VPS”. Premium KVM servers are available in 5 different variants, where the very first features 2GB Ram, 1 CPU, 50GB NVMe, and 3000GB monthly bandwidth. You can optin between 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB Ram, and 1 to 4 CPU Cores, depending on your hosting needs.

There is no argument that data is precious, so it’s important to protect and keep it safe through robust measures. RamNode features custom firewalls and snapshots to keep your data safe from malicious activities as well as any unpleasant scenarios. Routine backups ensure that the data is preserved without any fear of being lost. You can automate the backup function via OpenStack API which is included for all virtual servers at no extra cost.

The team behind has made the comfort and ease of users its first priority, hence allowing various Linux compatible images, distros, and uploading of your own image/ISO. Furthermore, they also ease the payment options by introducing multiple payment methods. One can purchase through PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, WeChat, and Alipay.

The downside of using RamNode is the poor customer support services due to lack of live chat and phone support. Everyone wants to get their issues fixed as soon as possible and lacking live support could be a real deal-breaker for many potential buyers. For many users, the absence of live assistance results in abandon the platform in search of better providers. This area is something that requires immediate attention from the host in order to maintain its customer base.


At the end of the day, the choice of hosting platform rests in the hands of the concerned person. It boils down to personal preferences, requirements as well as budgetary allowance. NVMe hosting offers accelerated performance due to the technology being employed. This is why regardless of the plan you choose to accept; you can yield maximum benefits of NVMe storage. Apart from NVMe SSD, a regular SSD hosting server, albeit a tad bit slower yet offers exceptional speed compared to its older counterparts.

We recommend the following NVMe SSD Hosting Services:

  • InMotionHosting – For 20x faster NVMe cPanel hosting, free backups, unlimited storage, and unlimited hosted sites
  • KnownHost – For managed and unmanaged NVMe VPS hosting
  • Vultr – For state-of-the-art cloud NVMe servers with custom control panel
  • InMotionHosting – For NVMe dedicated hosting servers for large-scale projects
  • Contabo VDS – For semi-dedicated servers powered by NVMe storage at affordable prices

We’ve reviewed the most affordable, cheap, and best NVMe hosting providers to avail shared, VPS, cloud, or dedicated servers that can fulfill your hosting needs like a charm. It solely depends on you to decide which one to pick.