6 Best Cheap VMware Hosting Providers 2024

Do you want to control your network easily as a business owner? We have a solution for you!

One thing that is taking the IT world by storm is virtualization because it is a technology that works efficiently for everyone at every level. Therefore, VMware hosting is one of its kind and works as a virtualization valuable software for hosting any virtual machine regardless of its platform.

Whether you are a small business that wants to expand or a medium or large company that wants to keep costs down, you can turn to VMware web hosting to fulfill your needs!

Now that you have learned about VMware hosting, you need to choose the right hosting provider that lets you enjoy the full range of benefits that VMware has to offer. If you want to know more about VMware hosting, look no further, as we have covered all the major ones for you under one roof.

What is VMware?

Found in 1998, VMware is basically a software provider related to cloud computing and virtualization. This virtualization software creates an abstraction layer over the computer hardware in order to allow memory, processors, storage, or, in short, the hardware components of a computer to be easily divided into multiple virtual machines.

This allows more utilization of the hardware of the computer, and therefore, the organization gets to enjoy a greater return on its hardware investment.

What Are the Key Benefits of VMware?

Some of the significant advantages of VMware include:

  • Better use of physical computer resources.
  • Allows you to run more applications on only fewer physical servers.
  • Compared with other similar products, it is an affordable virtualization software.
  • It automates the recovery process after a disaster by directly integrating with your data storage components.
  • It allows developers to easily construct and deploy virtual machines for all their testing and development needs.
  • With VMware, the virtual machines are kept separated from one another and the host system, improving security.
  • It comes with dedicated security tools to simplify encryption and network segmentation.

Best VMware Hosting Platforms and Services 2024

1. Kamatera – Cheap VMware Hosting on Clouds

With its simplicity, Kamatera has made it to the top of our favorite VMWare hosting roundup. It allows you to create your servers in minutes. You can enjoy not only the enterprise-grade infrastructure that it comes with but also the reliable cloud servers that you can use for either your personal use or business. The platform comes with a simple management portal on which the cloud servers can easily be self-configured or self-provisioned.

Kamatera comes with a marketplace with many popular pre-configured services and apps, including Windows, Kubernetes, Node.js, Debian, NGINX, Ubunto, Plest, Control Panel, etc. This provider’s latest processors promise reliable speed so that you can quickly run your server without any difficulty. It uses cutting-edge hardware like NVMe SSD or Ice Lake Processors to deliver fast response with a guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. Using Kamatera, you can increase or decrease the server capacity within minutes.

The simplicity allows you to instantly add or remove hardware components like load balancers, disk storage, RAM, or CPU by logging into the cloud management console and going for the desired option. Additionally, with the unlimited scaling feature, you can start with only a small server and scale as you grow because you can quickly add private networks, load balancers, firewalls, etc. 

What makes this platform stand out is the fact that you will only need to pay for the services that you need and use. The plans come with flexible monthly and hourly pricing models so that you pay for only features you use and not for the whole plan if need be. You can either go with the already available plans or even customize one on your own according to your desires. The customization allows you to select the type of vCPU, the data center of your choice, vCPU processors, RAM, SSD storage, internet traffic, public IPs, operating system, and operating system add-ons.

Plans and Pricing

Various pre-configured VMware cloud VPS plans are available if you don’t want to customize your own. The first plan starts at 4 USD/month and offers one vCPU of type A and 2667 MHz, 1024 MB of RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, and 5 TB internet traffic. The second plan starts at 6 USD/month and offers one vCPU of type A and 2667 MHz, 2048 MB of RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, and 5 TB internet traffic. The third plan starts at 12 USD/month and offers two vCPUs of type A and 5333 MHz, 2048 MB of RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 5 TB internet traffic.

Visit Kamatera Here

2. Time4VPS – Best Money Value Plans

Specifically designed for cloud professionals, Time4VPS comes with self-managed VMware hosting that includes impressive features for users. From a public cloud that is powered by VMWare to powerful hardware and fast connection, you get it all on Time4VPS. With the VMWare feature, you can quickly build, clone, or scale your enterprise-grade infrastructure. Not only is the infrastructure secure and reliable, but the service management is also relatively easy and fast to use.

The Time4VPS VMWare cloud is an excellent choice because it provides your application with powerful innovation, total security, and an infrastructure specifically designed to cater to all your VMWare workloads. Its powerful hardware comes with high-performance and branded HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 servers to guarantee the highest possible performance. Its data center is located in the center of Europe, so you don’t need to worry about uptime at all.

Along with the VMWare cloud being fast, you can also expect quick and excellent customer service. The customer service team of Time4VPS is comprised of friendly and competent engineers who are always ready and knowledgeable to answer all your queries regarding cloud servers. The customer support team will be available to you through live chat so that you are guided promptly through their response. Their network is secured 24/7/365 with a DDoS mitigation of around 5 Gbps, providing guaranteed server security and excellent data protection.

Their cloud servers are available with Linux or Windows Operating Systems. For Windows, the servers offered include 2012, 2016, 2019, and others, while for Linux, you are allowed to choose from Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Slackware, openSUSE, and other operating systems. Each of your VMWare clouds would include one IPv4 address; however, if you need more addresses, you can easily purchase them as add-ons after server deployment. A maximum of 18 IP addresses are allowed for one vCloud server.

Plans and Pricing

When it comes to pricing for Time4VPS VMWare cloud hosting, you are allowed to build your own virtual data center. You don’t have to overpay since you can select the resources that you need and change them on demand. To make your own customized plan, you must choose a number of vCPUs starting from 1 to 64, DDR4 RAM beginning from 1 to 256 GB, SSD RAIN Storage starting from 1 to 5000 GB, and IP addresses starting from 1 to 18. When you are ordering a cloud server on a client portal, you can easily select the amount of resources that you need and increase them anytime the need or growth increases.

Visit Time4VPS Here

3. AWS Amazon – Free VMware Cloud Services for 12 Months

Looking for the safest and fastest path for all your VMware workloads? AWS is your go-to option. The VMware cloud by AWS comes with managed service for reliability and scalability, which replaces the lifting of customer-managed, manually configured, and maintained solutions. This packaged service includes the best support and maintenance from both the platform and its VMware cloud.

The managed VMware service of AWS will accelerate your business by combining network, compute, and storage capabilities that rely on a fully supported and ready-to-run service. They have dedicated teams to provide you with support throughout your migration journey. What makes it stand out amongst competitors is that you can extend your data center by leveraging the performance, scale, and capacity of AWS’s global infrastructure in the cloud or on-premises so that your business needs are met.

Amazon Web Services utilizes VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts, which is designed explicitly for the VMware workloads that need to remain on-premises. These workloads may include applications that have to meet specific data residency needs, are latency sensitive, and need to process large volumes of data locally. Using VMware Outposts, you can quickly run these workloads on VMware on-premises environments and AWS regions without having to face the burden of managing infrastructure. The VMware cloud on AWS Outposts is delivered as a fully managed service.

Some of the significant features of VMware Cloud on AWS outposts include VMware SDDC, which is an enterprise-grade Software Defined Data Center that sets up developer-ready infrastructure in just a few weeks instead of taking months. The Next-Gen AWS Outposts hardware can efficiently run workloads on Amazon’s nitro-based bare metal EC2 infrastructure, which is designed with hardened security, built-in redundancy, resiliency, and high availability. Furthermore, you also get to enjoy an integrated end-to-end hybrid cloud, which will seamlessly move your workloads without any kind of downtime.

Plans and Pricing

If you want to modernize your existing applications or build new ones, you are allowed to leverage over 200 AWS services. AWS comes with the Free Tier feature, where you can gain free and hands-on experience for almost twelve months. Additionally, the AWS cost management feature allows you to access, control, understand, and optimize your AWS costs and usage whenever you want to. With the AWS pricing calculator, you can easily estimate your monthly bill since it allows you to evaluate individual or multiple prices.

Visit AWS Amazon Here

4. Rackspace

Rackspace can prove to be the best place to run your VMWare cloud hosting, thanks to the expert management that it has to offer. The company makes it super easy to run VMWare on and off-premises and across all significant hyper-scale clouds. With Rackspace technology, you are allowed to run your VMWare anywhere while focusing only on what’s important and not worrying about the cost and burden of managing data center infrastructure.

The team of this vendor consists of multi-cloud experts who are ready to handle all the day-to-day management of your modernized demands. The experts are well-versed enough to deploy, manage, and optimize your workloads on the right VMWare-based cloud solutions. On this Rackspace, you experience a highly flexible and managed cloud model that can easily scale in the data center of your choice and offer you the workload placement not only to the edge but also from the core and to the cloud.

Rackspace guarantees to provide secure and compliant environments and maintain all the compliance standards like SOCS, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and many others. The options of Rackspace technology security services provide you with increased levels of security, such as Armor anywhere. If you need easy and flexible access to deep expertise across your VMWare environment, you can rely on Rackspace Elastic Engineering for VMWare. With the VMWare certified technicians who are available 24/7/365, you can keep moving ahead to deploy, architect, and troubleshoot your environments no matter how complex they are.

VMware Cloud on Rackspace is specifically designed to provide you with related technology solutions so you can easily achieve all your small business outcomes. The platform’s SSD solutions will help you run your workloads and software without worrying about maintaining the physical infrastructure or repatriating your software. RackConnect Global Solution gives you a private network so that your connectivity costs are lowered, along with improving data privacy and resiliency. Cloud optimization allows you to optimize the cost and performance so that you can deliver the experience that you demand.

Plans and Pricing

Rackspace can easily be trusted owing to the 15 years of experience that they have managing VMWare environments along with achieving 500+ VMWare certifications. Whether you need support understanding how to scale your IT organization or streamline your operating models, the experts sitting behind the company are always ready to help you with your queries. The thousands of cloud-certified professionals will always help you keep performing at the highest level.

Visit Rackspace Here

5. LiquidWeb

Liquid Web comes with VMWare Private Cloud, which is specifically designed to power your critical workloads. This Private Cloud VMWare is a scalable solution that guarantees meeting the needs of even the most demanding enterprise applications. It also provides you with a virtual data center, which is relatively easy to manage by yourself, and you will be allowed to run any available operating system or even your own existing VMWare images. The VMWare infrastructure on Liquid Web is highly functional, fast, and secure.

The private cloud powered by VMWare is built around a simple resource-based pricing model. There are absolutely no per VM fees, and you are allowed to get started with only the resources you need while scaling as your need grows. What makes LiquidWeb stand out amongst its competitors is its ease of use. It has made cloud adoption very easy by providing managed solutions that will not require its users to have specific VMWare-related knowledge.

Liquid Web’s private Cloud is the usual choice for application and software hosting needs, and many SaaS companies, ERP and VoIP vendors, and software developers rely on it for many reasons. Some of the primary reasons include resource-based pricing, complete control of resource allocation, effortless scalability, rapid deployment, full networking control, automatic load balancers across nodes on enterprise-grade hardware, highly secure hosting with single-tenant isolation, dedicated firewall, maximum uptime on high-availability infrastructure, and automated failover.

The Private Cloud VMWare is also exceptional for resellers who can grow their business by providing this service to their customers and providing public and private cloud solutions on their infrastructure. It provide resellers with multiple revenue-based incentives, fully managed hosting solutions with 24/7/365 support, and a dedicated account manager. Liquid Web also provides a seven-point infrastructure assessment absolutely free of cost, where you can work with a hosting engineer 1-on-1 and analyze your infrastructure’s current performance, security, etc.

Plans and Pricing

No matter if you want to modernize your infrastructure to better serve your customers, consolidate resources to reduce costs, or simply add scalability while looking forward to future growth, you can easily find a perfectly designed VMWare solution on LiquidWeb. VMWare is available as a private cloud on both multi-tenant and dedicated configurations, starting at only $375 per month.

Visit LiquidWeb Here

6. OVHcloud

The OVHcloud-managed VMWare vSphere solution is an excellent choice if you want to save time and still boost agility. The VMWare cluster managed by the company provides hosts that are specifically dedicated to your workloads and take care of version upgrades, security updates, and configuration. OVHcloud allows you to build your VMWare cluster with the latest technology, along with the provider’s expertise in VMWare infrastructure management. With a wide choice of servers, you get to enjoy high computing power, high storage space, and a very high bandwidth network.

What makes OVHcloud one of the top VMware hosts is that it offers technologies that you and your teams are already using or are familiar with, including vSAN, vSphere, Tanzu, Aria, and NSX-T. You are free to choose any of these depending on the future needs of your projects and your current usage. The provider has multi-cloud experts available who will guide you in making the right choices and opting for the suitable technology required for the long-term success of your business.

There are various professional services available to help your business grow more. These services include technical support with expertise that is ready to help you with your projects whenever need be, an extensive network of partners that are spread all around the world and available for all your projects, regularly updated documentation that will help you understand how to use this platform and their products and services, and professional services that will help your team build and learn required skills.

The VMWare hosting on OVHcloud is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the public and government sectors. OVHCloud operates in compliance with GDPR so that it provides trusted cloud services in order to guarantee data sovereignty, which is highly important for government authorities. The security services meet strict data security and confidentiality requirements. For the private cloud VMWare services on OVHcloud, it is guaranteed that strategic data is protected not only for citizens but also for governments and companies.

Plans and Pricing

OVHcloud managed VMWare vSphere offers starter packs with five different packages; the Pack Pre 48 starts at $1607/month and offers two hosts, 48 GB RAM, 12c/24t-2.2 GHz CPU/host, and 2*3 TB data stores. The Pack Pre 96 starts at $2007/month and offers two hosts, 96 GB RAM, 12c/24t-2.2 GHz CPU/host, and 2*3 TB data stores. The Pack Pre 192 starts at $2387/month and offers two hosts, 192 GB RAM, 16c/32t-2.8 GHz CPU/host, and 2*3 TB data stores.

Visit OVHCloud Here


With its creative solutions and cutting-edge technology, VMware has revolutionized IT scalability, deployment, and resource management. This solution is well-known for simplifying and optimizing VM cloud infrastructure management and operations, and rightly so, since it allows multiple virtual machines to run on the same physical server.

VMWare offers some excellent benefits, including affordable virtualization solutions that sustain business continuity after a disaster, allow constructing and deploying virtual machines for development and testing needs, and many more. Several hosting providers are now providing VMWare cloud solutions for their users to enjoy these benefits.

In this article, we have covered the top VMWare hosting services, including all their features and benefits, so that you can easily select the one that best suits your needs.