13 Top SSD Shared Hosting Providers 2024 (And Cloud Hosts)

If you are not familiar with any service provider that supports SSD, then you are in luck because I will be discussing the best SSD shared web hosting companies in the market right now.

We all know SSD (Solid-State-Drive) is the newest and most advanced drive available right now. It is faster, durable, and lighter than HHD (Hybrid-Hard-Drive). Hence the hosting companies that support SSD are much more efficient, reliable, and stable. The SSD drives allow them to load data faster when required. Even the data stored on a server that is backed by SSD is safer as compared to a server backed by HHD.

That is why you need to have a server provider that supports SSD to power your website and provide you with an efficient computing environment for development.

This article will help you in choosing a provider and making an informed decision.

13 SSD Shared Hosting Providers of 2024

1. BlueHost – Overall Best Shared SSD Hosting with 24/7 Support

BlueHost is the first SSD Web Hosting on our list. Matt Heaton created two other hosting companies but he ultimately settled with BlueHost in 2003. Currently, it is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). BlueHost is one of the most recognized web hosting providers and it supports about 2 million domains all over the world.

Plus all of its servers are backed by 100% SSD which enhances their performance, stability, and efficiency. It operates all of its servers from Orem, Utah and it has over 750 employees in Utah as of 2020. Moreover, BlueHost powers 6 data centers all across the globe that are located in different parts of the UK, India, USA, and China.

We all know SSD is faster than all other storage devices i.e. HHD etc. It is an efficient and best resource to run cloud servers. And BlueHost supports 100% SSD servers that are stable, fast, and efficient. It also guarantees an uptime of 99.9% and the average loading time of a website hosted by BlueHost is an impressive 491ms. This is very important because fast response time is essential for every website which is trying to sell products and leave its competitor’s behind in ranking.

Moreover, it also supports VPS hosting, WordPress, E-Commerce hosting, dedicated and shared hosting, etc. To enhance the management it offers a cPanel which is very helpful for beginners. BlueHost also provides free CDN, hotlink protection, web file manager, website builder, and FTP hosting account access to its clients.

In addition, BlueHost protects the privacy of its users by providing them with a free SSL certificate and SiteLock with all of its packages. SiteLock keeps the servers of its users secured against viruses and hackers. Daily backups are also provided by BlueHost to keep the data of its users secured in a remote place.

When it comes to customer support, it is on par with the market standards. It equips its users with 24/7 customer support that can be contacted through a phone call, live chat, and ticketing system. And its representatives are always kind, fast, and well-informed.

Last but not least, all of its packages are available at a reasonable price. Its basic package of shared Hosting comes at $7.99/month (after discount $2.95), VPS Hosting is $18.99/month (after discount $29.99), and dedicated hosting is $119.99 per month (after discount $79.99). You can also take advantage of its 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up with BlueHost.

#2. GreenGeeks – Best Cheap SSD Shared Hosting Plans

GreenGreeks is one of the leading eco-friendly web hosting platforms in the market. Since its launch in 2008, it has served more than 50000 customers in 150 countries. GreenGreeks also operates 600000+ websites on its servers for different businesses and bloggers. Moreover, it has also won various awards for its unrivaled resources and competent service.

Also, it equips its users with excellent server hardware and at the same time allows them to have a positive impact on the environment since GreenGreeks puts back 3 times the energy it uses into the Grid in form of RECs. Moreover, GreenGreeks also powers five environment-friendly data centers in Phoenix, Amsterdam, Toronto, Chicago, and Montreal.

It provides its users with SSD storage, PHP7, advanced security, free CDN, optimizing tools, HTTP/3, round-the-clock monitoring, and automatic backups. Besides this, the infrastructure of GreenGreeks is very scalable and flexible which makes it easy for businesses to scale up as they grow and expand.

GreenGreeks claims that its servers are PHP7 enabled and backed by 100% SSD for maximum redundancy and fast-loading performance. It also promises to maintain an Uptime of 99.9% and is very confident in the loading times of the websites hosted on its servers since it provides free speed optimization tools.

GreenGreeks offers various tools and software programs for website and speed optimizations i.e. LSCache, LiteSpeed, and CDN, free of charge. The LSCache and LiteSpeed primarily allow the users to load applications and web pages faster. Whereas, the CDN loads the cached content on the servers which are closest to your visitors so that your website loads quickly with all the content.

Additionally, GreenGreeks provides its users with various other solutions and optimization tools that can help them in maintaining the loading speed of their servers.

Furthermore, this server provides advanced and up-to-date security with proactive scans and real-time monitoring. Our system is always scanning changed or newly added files for viruses and malware and our team is monitoring the infrastructure and traffic routes etc to identify and solve issues before they become more problematic. GreenGreeks also takes help from third-party software programs to keep its system safe Hence your website will remain safe on this platform.

In addition, it has a technical support team that can be contacted via phone chat and tickets. And it offers various types of hosting i.e. WordPress, WooCommerce and Reseller, etc. The WordPress and WooCommerce Hostings can be bought for $2.49/month which is very reasonable.  It also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Thus, GreenGreeks is a great option for environmentally conscious people who are also looking for superior server providers.

#3. A2Hosting – Shared SSD Hosting with 20X Speeds

a2hosting shared ssd hosting

It has been in the market for more than 20 years and the experience of A2Hosting has been very visibly translated into its reliable and trustworthy server performance. It was initially named “Iniquinet” but later changed to A2 Hosting after it gained some recognition.

A2Hosting is one of the pioneers of web hosting and it claims to be the first-ever server provider to launch PHP5. Plus it has also been recognized by industry critics and experts for its consistent Uptime performance and high availability servers. It also has three high-end data centers that are operating in the US, Netherland, and Singapore.

Moreover, servers of A2Hosting are supported by SSD storage and PHP 7+ which enhances their performance. Actually, A2Hosting claims that its servers are 20X faster than the servers of other providers. It also consistently maintains 99.9% Uptime so your servers will always be accessible and operational most of the time; all because A2 Hosting uses the latest hardware and SSD storage.

It also equips its users with unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, unlimited storage, free SSL certificates, robust security, automatic backups, various installable applications, and free website migration. Also, it provides a control panel to make website management easier. The control panel comes with all the hosting packages.

Furthermore, A2Hosting provides enterprise-grade security totally free of charge. It uses a software called “Hackscan” to protect its infrastructure from possible threats. The Hackscan overviews the infrastructure and servers from day to night to detect harmful attacks and responds efficiently in case of a breach.

It also gives administrative access, reboot, and shutdown control to those users who want to be more in control. The users can also choose to deploy the OS of their choice since A2 supports almost all of them. Plus it also features a variety of development tools. These features make it a suitable choice for even professional developers.

Its customer support is named “Guru Crew Support” which is available 365 days a year to solve the problems of users. And even with all these fantastic features; the hosting packages of A2Hosting are cost-effective. The Startup Package of both Shared and WordPress Hosting is priced at $6.99 /1 year, but you can buy it for $2.99 if you buy the 3-year plan.

You can also take advantage of its unique anytime money-back guarantee. But it is better to read this policy in detail since some resources or tools could be non-refundable. A2Hosting is a recommended SSD web hosting since it delivers what it promises at good rates.

#4. InMotion Hosting – Cheapest Shared SSD Hosting Plans

InMotion Hosting has been around since 2001. It is known for providing stability and maximum redundancy since it supports 100% SSD.  Servers of InMotion Hosting are home to big enterprises, entrepreneurs, small businesses alike since it delivers high performance blazing fast servers. It has also won the 17-Year CNEET award and A+ Rating award for impeccable customer service and consistent performance. Plus the servers of InMotion Hosting are powered by two data centers that are located in Los Angeles and Virginia Beach.

It equips its users with a plethora of services and features i.e. DDoS protection, free website migration, custom caching fast processors, PHP7, dedicated servers, site hosting tools, and full server snapshots. Moreover, to assist the beginner specifically InMotion Hosting supports a free drag-and-drop website builder along with many one-click apps. Building a website is a piece of cake with these tools.

The servers of InMotion Hosting are backed by SSD and the latest processors. Hence they are fast, consistent, and efficient. Furthermore, it guarantees 99.999% Uptime which means your website will be rarely down. So InMotion is providing high availability servers that are supported by SSD which is very impressive.

Additionally, this hosting provider also provides hack-free protection with various layers of security. It provides the users with DDoS protection, a custom firewall, and an SSL certificate so that their data remains safe. Also, InMotion Hosting gives full control of the environment to the users, which makes it an attractive choice for developers. It also allows its users to install the OS of their choice and code in any language, which again appeals to developers.

For bloggers and businessmen, InMotion Hosting offers to create unique WordPress websites in just two days for $99. Hence InMotion Hosting appeals to bloggers, developers, and laymen by catering to their needs and accommodating features that attract them.

Plus, the technical customer support of InMotion Hosting is available 24/7 to all users. As for the prices, the Lite package of Shared Hosting can be bought for just $2.49/ month. Even WordPress Hosting starts from $4.99/month whereas VPS hosting starts from $17.99 per month. InMotion Hosting also has a 90-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out for yourself for 3 months free of charge before deciding it buy it

In short, it is truly an all-rounder SSD Web Hosting provider that suits everyone since it offers extensive features, premium tools, and a broad range of services.

#5. FastComet – Cloud SSD Shared Hosting with Free Migration

Fastcomet is another SSD web hosting company that was established in 2013. It is a privately owned and independent web hosting company that powers at least 50,000 personal and business websites. Fastcomet aims to provide affordable hosting services and improve its products that already rival the bigger names in the industry.

Plus, it operates 11 server locations that are strategically placed to create a global and stable infrastructure. They are located in Chicago, London, Toronto, Dallas, Newark, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Mumbai.

Besides this, it offers tons of services i.e. VPS hosting, Fastcomet website builder, dedicated hosting, free migration, 20+ website frameworks, free domain transfer, and free Cloudflare CDN. And obviously, all servers of Fastcomet are backed by SSD and that is why they are 300% faster than those hostings that do not support SSD. If your site loads 300% faster than your competitor then obviously it will attract the attention of Google and improve your SERP ranking

Furthermore, Fastcomet has made the process of launching a fully operating website very easy. It offers over 450 one-click apps, tools, and 20+ frameworks along with a tutorial guide to help the users in building a site. And it even offers a fully managed website transfer free of cost i.e. your data will be transferred by professionals totally free.

Fastcomet also takes precautions to defend the sites of its users. It equips them with free SSL certificates and web application Firewall, and DDoS protection to enhance their security. Also, it guarantees to fix redirect errors and renew the SSL certificate before it expires. Furthermore, Fastcomet also supports free daily and weekly backups to keep the data of their clients safe.

You will also find a powerful control panel that helps the users in organizing their servers. Lastly, their customer support is available 24/7/365 days a year. It can be contacted via live chat and Fastcomet claims that the response time of its customer support is only 15 minutes. Plus it claims that its support solves 83% of the problems within 15 minutes.

Also, it offers hosting plans at unparalleled prices that fall into everyone’s budget. Its Shared hosting package starts from $2.95/ month, whereas fully managed VPS servers are available for $35.97/ month. Each hosting is priced differently. You can also take advantage of its money-back policy, for shared hosting its 45 days, and for VPS/ dedicated it is 7 days. All in all, Fastcomet is a small but relatively decent SSD Web Hosting provider.

#6. Hostinger – Affordable SSD Shared Hosting for Small Businesses

Hostinger has been around for more than 15 years and handles millions of websites all over the world. It was first named Hostinger Media; it changed its name to “Hostinger” in 2011.  Plus it caters to more than 29 million users along with its subsidiaries in 178 countries.

Unfortunately, Hostinger had a security incident in 2019 which affected its 14 million users however the company was able to leave that behind, and currently, it is known in the market for the speed, stability, and decent Uptime of its servers. Hostinger operates data centers in 7 different locations i.e. Singapore, Netherland, Lithuania, Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Indonesia.

Hostinger confidently claims that its servers are 3X faster than all other hosting providers. This is a bold claim but Hostinger makes it clear that each of its servers is backed by Intel processors, terabytes of SSD, and 123 GB of RAM which make the server 3X faster. Hence it is a fast and powerful SSD web hosting provider that only uses the finest hardware for servers. Plus, it even guarantees 99.95% uptime to all of its users.

Moreover, Hostinger equips the users with a wide range of unlimited resources and free tools like Free dedicated IP, free domain registration, data backups, integrated caching, unlimited bandwidth, free website transfer, unlimited email accounts, and free website transfer. This is important because not only do the users get a free website transfer but also a free website builder that will them in building their site. It also offers PHP, MySQL, Node.js, and FTP for developers.

Furthermore, it offers all of its users a user-friendly and easy to use control panel. The control panel is very helpful for the beginner since it provides ready access to the most used options and tools. Also, Hostinger provides free SSL certificates and daily/ weekly backups to keep their users and their data secured against all viruses and attacks.

In addition to this, it has multilingual technical customer support that is available through live chat and intercom. The customer representatives of Hostinger are all familiar with server tech and able to answer most of the questions of users. It also has guides and comprehensive articles to assist beginners and help them deploy the server instantly.

Lastly, Hostinger is a budget-friendly cheapest shared SSD hosting service and its shared hosting can be bought for $0.99/month. Plus, WordPress and VPS Hostings can be bought for $1.59 a month and $3.95 per month, respectively. It charges way less than its competitors and provides a lot of free tools along with top-notch services. It is an ideal option for those who want budget-friendly Hostings that do not want to compromise on quality.

#7. SiteGround – Best Shared Cloud Hosting with Excellent Support

It is a Bulgarian SSB Web Hosting company that was established in 2014 by a group of university students. Now it is home to 500 employees and over 2,000,000 domains. SiteGround is very famous among bloggers and businessmen for its Managed WordPress Hosting.

It aims to make website management easy to assist laymen, so they spend more time working on their business instead of infrastructure. Impressively, the customer satisfaction rate of SiteGround is 98% which shows that it puts its users before everything else. They also have data centers that are scattered globally.

SiteGround equips its users with unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, free emails, dedicated servers, caching tools, free WordPress website transfer, 10 GB storage, and a website builder. Plus it also provides access to more than 500 applications that can be installed with a few taps. There is also a free built-in CDN that optimizes the websites to help them run at optimum speed. As you can see; it offers tons of resources free of cost.

Moreover, SiteGround supports 100% SSD storage and innovative hardware that help its servers in delivering optimum performance 24/7. Various tests run by reputable platforms have shown that the average loading speed of its server is 673ms and its Uptime is always around 99.94 to 99.95 percent,  however SiteGround claims to guarantee 99.99% Uptime.

Furthermore, it does not take security lightly and equips the users with various in-housed built protection tools. SiteGround possesses security AI software and an application firewall that blocks attacks before they can affect the infrastructure. The AI software blocks 5 million virus attacks every day. It also has an active security team that is constantly working to improve the security of the infrastructure.

SiteGround aims to create its own in-house built innovative solutions and products, like CDN and website builder, to launch websites, optimize them, protect them and keep them running at optimum condition. It also provides round-the-clock customer support that is known in the market to provide excellent support. Its representatives are trained to cater to the customers and familiar with technicalities.

Also, its hosting packages come with a plethora of free stuff and are also cost-effective. The Start-up package of both web hosting and managed WordPress hosting costs $6.99/month. But people usually buy the GrowBig packages of both Hostings that can be bought for $9.99. The prices are pretty reasonable and budget-friendly.

SiteGround also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that you can take advantage of. It is a quality SSD shared web hosting platform that has a lot to offer in terms of products and tools but it does not charge excessively for them

#8. TMDHosting

TMDHosting is an award-winning cloud SSD hosting provider that has been in the market for 10+ years. It aims to provide an enhanced consumer experience and a powerful cloud computing environment to its users. TMD Hosting is a trusted hosting provider that is becoming increasingly famous every day.

For its unparalleled devotion to consistent and quality services, TMDHosting became “PC Mag Editor’s choice” in 2018. Also, TMDHosting offers 7 server farms situation in Phoenix, Singapore, Chicago, London, Tokyo, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

It equips its users with an abundance of tools and free resources that include but are not limited to unlimited emails, drag and drop site builder, dedicated servers, VPS Hosting, automatic backups, 1300+ applications, and free application updates.

Besides this, the servers of TMDHosting are backed by SSD storage and other powerful hardware components that increase the speed of the servers by 30 times. This results in scalable and fast-paced websites that are ideal for online businesses and SEO experts.

TMDHosting understands that it can be really tough for laymen to make a unique website. That is why it has introduced free drag-and-drop website builders and free templates. The users can easily create countless websites with drag and drop website builder however, technical teams of TMDHosting are also available to install the templates for free.

Not only this, but the technical team will also install applications for free and users can choose to deploy any application. The team of specialists will even take care of all kinds of updates i.e. security, software, and interface updates so you do not have to worry about setting up at all.

It also keeps its users safe through real-time monitoring of traffic and daily backups. Moreover, the technical customer support of TMDHosting is available all around the year. It can be reached through the chat and phone call option. According to TMDHosting, the average response time of its customer support is 15 minutes which is great. Plus their customer support representatives are all specialists who can take care of technical issues with ease.

Right now, TMDHosting is offering a whopping 40% discount as part of its 12th anniversary promo so you better buy its servers now if you are interested. Right now, the cheapest shared SSD hosting plan can be bought for $2.95 a month, the starter cloud hosting plan at $5.95/month, VPS hosting can be bought for $19.97 per month, and dedicated hosting is available for $79.97/ month.

Thus, TMDHosting is not only a wonderful SSD hosting platform for websites, but its pricing for all types of hosting services is also reasonable.

Not Shared but Costs Quite Similar to Shared SSD Hosting Plans (For Technical Users)

Cloud SSD VPS Web Hosting Providers (for technical users)

#9. Kamatera – VPS SSD Cloud Hosting for Apps and Websites


It is one of the most popular cloud hosting providers that have been around for more than 20 years. Kamatera is one of the pioneers of cloud hosting providers that has an unrivaled reputation for its classy infrastructure and cutting-edge hardware. It has also provided cloud servers to various well-known businesses and enterprises. In addition, Kamatera has 13 data centers all over the world to create a stable infrastructure. They are located in Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Israel, the USA, Netherland, and the UK.

Kamatera constantly updates its hardware and software programs to deliver redundant and high-performance servers. Each server of Kamatera is backed by SSD storage and Intel Platinum 8270 processors that contribute to their redundancy and performance. The advanced hardware used by Kamatera also enables it to maintain 99.95% Uptime consistently.

Moreover, Kamatera equips its users with an extensive set of solutions and tools i.e. load balancers, free SSL, public IPs, business solutions, DDoS protection, cloud block storage, DNS management, regular backups, Kubernetes, etc. Furthermore, it also allows its users to deploy the servers very easily. The users can even deploy personalized servers within 60 seconds without a hassle.

Also, it takes proactive steps to keep its users and their websites safe. Kamatera has a security firewall along with DDoS protection that keeps the data of its users protected from malware, viruses, and hacking attacks. The data of its users is also automatically backed up so it will remain safe even if their servers are hacked and everything is deleted.

The company offers technical customer support that is available 24/7 all around the year. The representatives can be contacted through live chat, email, and phone calls. And most importantly, all of its customer representatives are professionals who are trained and familiar with the software programs and technology of Kamatera so they can answer most of the queries of the customers.

The cheapest cloud SSD hosting plan of Kamatera costs $4 in which you’ll get  1 IP, 20 GB disk space, 5TB bandwidth, 1 GB memory, and 5TB bandwidth. You can also deploy a customizable server and you’ll be charged as many resources you utilize. Plus it also gives a 30-day free trial to all of the new users so you can experiment with it for 30 days before deciding if it’s worth your money or not.

All together, Kamatera is an ideal choice for developers, bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs alike since it offers solutions, tools, and applications that cater to everyone’s needs.

#10. Vultr – Cheapest SSD Cloud Hosting for Developers (backed by cloud compute)

Vultr cloud ssd shared hosting

With 20 years of experience, Vultr is one of the most well-known Cloud SSD Web Hosting. It is headquartered in the United States and operates 30 million instances deployed by 200k+ customers all over the world. It utilizes advanced hardware and the latest solutions to provide stable and redundant servers. It has as many as 17 global data centers that power its users. The data centers are situated in Canada, Germany, the UK, Netherland, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, and the US.

Vultr provides its users with tons of resources and facilities like airtight security, powerful API, global network access, DDoS protection, load balancers, block storage, and full resources tools. Plus, Vultr claims to host fast and reliable servers with high computing environments. Vultr has also made the process of deploying servers very user-friendly. You can deploy a Vultr server in just 60 seconds with a few clicks, so it is very appropriate for those who are new to cloud hosting.

Their servers are backed by SSD storage and the latest Intel generation processors to provide optimum speed, scalability, and redundancy. It also guarantees 100% uptime and so far none of the hosting providers on our list promised to maintain 100% Uptime so it is quite impressive. Hence Vultr is an ideal choice for businessmen and SEO experts since it delivers high availability servers with fast page loading speed.

Furthermore, Vultr equips the users with a beginner-friendly control panel which gives them ready access to the most used features. The users can also use the control panel to deploy servers with an OS of their choice which developers find very convenient. Also, this hosting provider provides a secure server environment to its users. It features DDoS protection and a firewall that keeps the data of its users safe. The premium block storage offered by Vultr also helps in keeping the data of its users safe in case of a hacking attack so no matter how many times you lose your data you can always recover it.

The customer support of Vultr can be contacted through the ticketing system, email, and social media. It is known for being very efficient and Vultr claims that its support answers 25k+ questions per month. It also answers the most asked questions on its official website, but disappointingly it does not offer any live chat support.

The cheapest packages of Vultr can be bought for $2.50/ per month. It offers a variety of packages so you can choose the one that suits your needs. To sum up, it is very easy to say that Vultr is one of the best cost-effective server providers for beginners.

#11. CloudSigma

CloudSigma is famous for being an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider and it is based in Switzerland. It came into being in 2009 when Robert and Patrick Baillie decided to create their own cloud provider and since then it has come a long way.

Now it has about 50 million users in 1000 establishments all over the world. In addition to this, CloudSigma also has data centers in Miami, Zurich, Washington DC, San Jose, DR Fortress and Honolulu, etc. It is a competent Cloud SSD Web Hosting provider that has received various awards for its unmatched services.

CloudSigma provides its users with an abundance of services and tools like API automation, instant server deployment, 10 GigE networks, a virus-free environment, magnetic storage, good customer service, etc.

Moreover, it utilizes SSD storage and cutting edge hardware to provide scalable servers and optimum Uptime. Cloud Sigma guarantees 100% Uptime and promises 50X free credit if its servers are down for more than 15 minutes. Obviously, Cloud Sigma completely believes in the quality of its hardware and hardware; that is why it has made this claim.

Furthermore, its server protection meets all international standards of security. It also has DDoS protection, a free firewall, and a team that is monitoring infrastructure 24/7. The monitoring team scans all the incoming, outgoing traffic and immediately takes steps to minimize the damage in case of an attack. Hence your infrastructure will remain safe

Also, it has modified its system to become more user-friendly for the benefit of beginners. According to CloudSigma, you can deploy its fully customized servers within 26 seconds, which is great. It also gives users full control of their cloud environment and choice of OS, which appeals to the developers. The users can even install various apps and external drivers i.e. Apache, jclouds, Open stack, heat plugin, etc.

Besides all this, the customer support of CloudSigma is vigilant and fast. The support representatives of CloudSigma are usually very informed and reply within 15 minutes. The users can reach support through email, tickets, and live chat. When it comes to billing, the clients are only charged for the resources they utilize. The users can create personalized server plans with as many resources as they need. However, CloudSigma also offers some packages as “examples” that can be bought.

If you sign up with CloudSigma right now, you’ll be able to have a 7-day free trial, so you can test it out before investing in it. To conclude it is safe to say CloudSigma is an excellent SSD Cloud Hosting that offers incomparable scalable and customizable infrastructure.

#12. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean vps not ssd shared hosting

DigitalOcean is a US-based cloud hosting company that has been around for the past 10 years. It launched its first server in 2011 and in 2013 it became one of the first hosting companies to offer 100% SSD-backed servers. As of now, DigitalOcean takes care of the needs of over 4 million users with the help of 500 employees.

Plus it manages a total of 12 datacenters scattered across various continents. High availability and reliable servers are its trademark features and that is why it has been recognized by industry experts. Besides this, DigitalOcean has been considered the third largest cloud hosting provider and a leading independent cloud platform since 2018.

Moreover, DigitalOcean offers myriad tools and solutions to its users. It provides them a shared private network, floating IP addresses, Tier-1 bandwidth, Kubernetes, team accounts, and a user-friendly interface. It also supports SSG storage servers and a 1 Gps network interface which enable them to maintain 99.9% Uptime.

Also, DigitalOcean is a suitable option for developers, bloggers, and businessmen alike. It equips the users with an easy-to-use control panel and also allows them to deploy the server with ease. It also provides an application developing platform, freedom to deploy OS of choice, and one-click app installations for developers. It even offers solutions to help personal bloggers and WordPress users.

Additionally, it is committed to providing a hack-free cloud environment to all of its users. That is why it is certified with various platforms like SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, SOC 1 Type II, etc to keep its interface safe from virus and hacking attacks. And not to mention, that it offers a wide range of solutions and tools to enterprises, businesses, and entrepreneurs, including mobile app solutions, Agency & Web Development shops, SaaS solutions, Start-up solutions, Game development solutions, business solutions, etc.

Furthermore, DigitalOcean also provides around-the-clock customer support. It has three levels of customer support i.e. Developer, Business, and Premier customer support. Each support has its own set of characteristics and is priced differently.

Last but not least, it charges reasonably for its hosting packages. You can buy 1 GB memory, ITB bandwidth, 24 GB SSD disk, and 1vCPU for just $5 a month. In Conclusion, DigitalOcean is not only a superb but cheap SSD hosting provider that offers a plethora of solutions, resources, and tools at an affordable price.

#13. CloudWays – Best Managed SSD Web Hosting through Clouds

CloudWays is another cloud-powered cheap SSD hosting platform that is very feasible for business enterprises, entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, etc. It was established in 2012 and since then it has been dedicatedly working to making cloud servers user-friendly to beginners and laymen.

Besides, CloudWays provides the latest business solutions and optimization tools that make sure the server’s health and performance remain stable. It also has data centers in 59 locations and users can choose to deploy servers from the location of their choice.

Moreover, it claims that its servers are supported by SSD storage and PHP 7.3 which makes them 3X faster than servers of other hostings. The cutting edge hardware and advanced software programs utilized by CloudWays enable its servers to provide maximum redundancy and a high-performance cloud environment. The users of CloudWays are always delivered a fast performance with no latency because of the quality hardware and SSD that backs its servers.

Also, CloudWays provides plenty of managed solutions and services that include fully managed WordPress solutions, free SSL, automatic backup, SSH access, free migration, SFTP access, CDN, and pro-active security. It even introduced the advanced auto-healing servers; they restart, fix the glitch, and heal themselves. These servers are one of the many solutions that help the users of CloudWays in running their websites in optimum condition.

Each user also gets access to the cPanel which plays an important role in organizing and managing the servers. Furthermore, Cloudways employs the latest methods to keep its infrastructure and users safe from attacks. It supports free SSL, automatic backups, a dedicated firewall, Bot protection, and active monitoring of infrastructure to keep itself secured.

Plus it offers three levels of customer support i.e. Standard Support Plan, Advanced Support Plan, and Premium Support Plan. Standard customer support is free to use and it can be reached through phone calls and live chat. The Advanced Support and Premium Support Plan can be bought and each plan comes with its own set of special options like a private support channel and dedicated support team etc.

Lastly, the cheapest managed SSD hosting plan of CloudWays costs $10 a month and comes with 1 core processor, 25 GB storage, 1GB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth. Also, there are multiple plans for users to choose from. It also offers a 3-day trial policy so you can try it out yourself.

In short, CloudWays provides the best managed cloud SSD hosting that equips its users with tons of solutions and free optimization tools at reasonable prices.


Now you are familiar with the top shared SSD web hosting companies that provide leading Hosting services at competitive prices.

I hope this article helps you in choosing a worthy server provider.

And remember, the right shared SSD host is subjective; it varies from person to person. Thus, the best SSD shared hosting service provider for you is the one that suits your needs, budget, and goals the most.