25 Web Hosting Industry Statistics 2022

It’s necessary to keep track of web hosting statistics and facts especially if you work in E-commerce or some other related web industry. However, keeping up with statistics of web hosting can be difficult since first of all technology and tech trends are always ever-changing. It’s almost impossible to stay up-to-date with the bulk of information and facts about the web industry. Plus there are thousands of sources online that often provide inaccurate information which can create a lot of problems.

However, if you want to avoid all these problems then you are in the right place. I have collected the most important and relevant Web Hosting Industry facts from reliable resources and put them here for your ease. So sit back, relax, and find out the trends and statistics of the web hosting industry.

Over 1.2 billion hostnames are registered online

It is estimated that about 1.2 billion hostnames are registered online in 2020. This is probably the highest number of Hostnames ever. However, only 191.5 million of them are operative and active. So only 15.5% of the 1.2 Billion hostnames are active.

Carinsurance.com is the most expensive domain on the internet

Carinsurance(dot)com is the most expensive domain on the internet and can be bought for $49.7 million.

While Insurance(dot)com and VacationRentals(dot)com are valued at $35.6 million and $35 million, respectively.

Shared hosting dominated the web hosting market

Shared Hosting dominated the web hosting market when it comes to revenue. It owned about 37.64% of the total revenue of the web market which is a huge chunk considering all factors.

Furthermore, experts predict that shared Hosting will continue to grow steadfastly in the next coming years.

WordPress monopolizes the CMS (Content Management Systems) hosting service

WordPress has been consistently controlling CMS over the years and it still dominates it in 2020. It powers about 25,267,924 websites and owns 63% of the total CMS market share.

Plus WordPress powers at least 78.54% of the CMS sites that are used by both bloggers and E-commerce businessmen.

After WordPress, Wix comes in second place with 11.3% CMS sites.

GoDaddy host most numbers of websites in 2020

GoDaddy hosts the most number of websites in 2020. It caters to 44.18 million websites which make up 19.49% of the total websites. It has 37,000 active servers all around the globe. People go for GoDaddy since it delivers solid performance and robust security at reasonable rates.

Following GoDaddy, Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services are in second and third places respectively.

GoDaddy as a domain registrar

Apart from being a giant web services provider, GoDaddy also the largest domain name registrar managing more than 80 million domains of 20+ million customers worldwide.

The top ten hosting companies own 24% of the websites

The top ten hosting companies control the web hosting market. They own 24% of the entire market share.

Wix emerged as a leading website builder

Wix became the top website builder in 2020. It is the go-to choice of many developers to build aesthetically pleasing and unique websites. Wix owns 22.61% of the total market share. Squarespace followed it with 17.51% shares and Weebly with 15.67% shares.

The US recorded the most number of hosted domains

The US has 107,624,658 hosted domains which make it the country with the most number of hosted domains. Germany comes in second place with 7,936,547 domains whereas China recorded 4,215,653 hosted domains.

1.6 billion websites worldwide are daily online simultaneously

Every day at least 1.6 billion websites are daily online at the same time. Amazing right?

Mobile phone users dominate internet traffic

It is estimated that about 63.4% of the users access the internet through their mobile phones instead of computers. Moreover, mobile phone users accounted for the majority (48%) of the web page views worldwide. Hence mobile users are dominating the internet traffic. That is why service providers are optimizing their systems to make them mobile-friendly.

COVID-19 boosted eCommerce business beyond predictions

COVID-19 pandemic jammed every existing industry on earth except E-commerce businesses. And actually, it boosted online shopping and E-Commerce Businesses far beyond the predictions of industry experts. Every day more and more people are choosing to stay home and order necessities online to avoid the infection. This has positively impacted online businesses.

Plus many enterprises also actively used online platforms to sell their services to users. Hence in 2020, there was a trend of businesses moving online and actively participating in online marketing.

Windows is the most used operating system

Windows is still the most used Operating system in the world. About 20.73% of users prefer Windows, and 2.01% use UNIX. UNIX is followed by Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Red Hat.

Apache hosting servers are utilized by 35.6% of the total websites

Apache hosting servers power about 35.6% of the total available websites according to W3Techs.com, its market share declining steadily. Some of the most popular brands that use Apace are Apple, Adobe, Etsy, Rakuten, and Salesforce. The runner-up server management software is Nginx which is used by 32.5% websites.

Apache vs Nginx web hosting stats

When comparing both of these web server softwares, Nginx share is increasing day by day while Apache losing its market cap at a quite faster pace.


Website performance influences the business

The performance of a website influences business sales. A low-performing website creates a negative impression on potential consumers and affects the sale. 35% of people are less likely to buy from a low-performance website.

$500 million is lost every year due to Slow Websites

US economy loses $500 million due to slow loading websites every year. It reduces the conversion rates by 7%. A 4 second delay in loading a page causes an 11.02% loss in page views meanwhile a 20 second delay causes a 44.19% loss in page views. That is why Industry experts have been working steadily to highlight the importance of a high-performance website in running a successful business.

The average loading time of websites should be 2 seconds

About 47% of internet users think that a website should load within 2 seconds or less. If a website does not load within 2 seconds, the customers will leave the website. The loading speed of a website even plays an important in Google ranking now.

The US controls 57% of the global web hosting market

The United States holds 57% of the total global web hosting market share. Germany controls the second largest chunk of share which is only 9.13%. China and the United Kingdom take third and fourth place with 3.17% and 3.56% shares respectively.

Global Internet Traffic expected to increase up to 4.8 Zettabytes

The global volume of internet traffic was estimated to be 1 Zettabytes (1 ZB is equal to a trillion gigabytes) in 2017 but it has steadily increased since then. The internet traffic is likely to reach 175 Zettabytes by 2025. Plus the global mobile traffic is expected to increase up to 49 exabytes per month by 2021.

50 thousand websites are hacked every day

Security is becoming a major issue for E-commerce businesses as 50 thousand websites are hacked every day. This is alarming for online businessmen who can lose money and sensitive information if their sites are hacked. Hence you should always opt for those hosting providers that take efficient security measures.

90% of the hacked websites were WordPress site

WordPress had the most hacked websites in 2020 and 90% of the total hacked sites were WordPress websites. This stat really brings to question the security of WordPress which needs improvement. Magneto took second place with 4.6% of the total hacked websites and Joomla with 4.3%.

The fastest website on the internet loads in just 0.457 seconds

The fastest website loads in just 0.457 seconds and this site is also one of the most famous E-commerce sites. However, the average optimum loading speed of a website is about 2.51 seconds.

43.59% of all the domain names use .com

43.59% of all the domain names around the globe use .com in the domain name extension which counts to 150.3 million, followed by .tk extension (27.5 million). The third most used domain extension is .cn with 24.7 million registrations, according to Verisign.

largest domain tlds

PHP is the most used programming language

PHP is the most used programming language of 2020 and 28.89% of the users utilize it. It is followed by Microsoft ASP.NET with 19.69% and Lua with a 2.62% usage percentage.

Half of the world’s population is online

Almost 3.82 billion users were online in recent years. This means half of the world’s population has access to the internet which is mind-blowing.

Web hosting Industry was valued at $56.7 billion by the end of 2019 and is expected to rise in the coming years

By the end of 2019, the global web hosting industry was valued to be around $56.7 billion. Moreover, it is expected to grow by a rate of 15.5% in the next coming years. Experts think that it might expand to be valued at $171.4 billion or more which is insane.

Wrapping Up

These are the web hosting facts and statistics that are of paramount importance. I hope these stats give you a glimpse into the enormous growth that is predicted to happen in near future and also acquaint you with the trends that are prevailing in the web hosting industry right now. These facts have been collected from trusted sources so they are very accurate.

With a value of $56.7 billion that is expected to increase with time; the web hosting industry has a lot of potential and space for people to build their careers. Furthermore, because the web hosting industry is always in flux; we’ll be updating these web hosting statistics regularly to keep you up-to-date with the trends shifts. So please come back and visit this blog after some time.

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